Ideas and activities for STEM Ambassadors

You can find a huge number of ‘activities’ and requests for STEM Ambassadors by signing into your STEM Ambassador profile and browsing by topic, region or online.

You can also look at:

  • STEM Clubs
  • Projects and competitions
  • Work experience placements
  • Sponsoring an event
  • Becoming a CREST Assessor

STEM Clubs


STEM Clubs provide opportunities for young people to become inspired by exploring science, technology, engineering and maths away from the formal curriculum.

The Programme builds on the successes of the STEM Clubs Network while building new areas of focus and support for teachers appropriate to their schools' needs. Find out how you can get involved and discover a wide range of activities for your Club here.

Projects and competitions

Projects and competitions are a great way to get STEM Ambassadors into the classroom. Why not set a challenge as a company and mentor students through a project?

Search out our current projects and competitions.

Work experience placements

  • Can your company offer work experience placements for young people to help them decide on their future aspirations and careers?
  • Can your company offer site visits or host placements for teachers?

Contact us to find out more.

Sponsor an event

If you are interested in sponsoring an event at a local or national level contact us to find out more.

Become a CREST Assessor

Find out more about CREST Awards here and how to become a CREST Assessor here.