Dear Ambassadors

Over this rare and challenging Summer our STEM Ambassador programme has adapted to a changing environment. 
Many Ambassadors have been in the front line of both research and healthcare during the pandemic, you can read some of their stories below.

We now approach a new academic year where in the short term at least, engaging with schools will take a different path, much will be connecting online, mentoring, virtual visits to classrooms and much more.

The great advantage of online activities is to connect STEM Ambassadors with schools that would otherwise be beyond their travel area and to offer schools a chance to experience a wider range of Ambassador expertise and connection with employers.

Though these will never replace the impact achieved when Ambassadors meet pupils and teachers in person, they are a brilliant showcase of the resilience of STEM Ambassadors to continue their roles in the most prohibiting of circumstances,







STEM Ambassador opportunities






Nominations close for the STEM Inspiration Awards on 27 September.  

Remember you make a nomination yourself or any employers or STEM Ambassadors can nominate themselves for an award.

In particularly we are looking for more nominations for the Outstanding STEM Club and Inspiring STEM Technician awards.


STEM Ambassadors making impact in COVID-19 Research 

Photo and quotes:

STEM Ambassador Dr Alan Parker as one of the key workers in the challenge fighting Coronavirus. 
Every respect and support must be given to the NHS front line staff. Yet let us also applaud the teams of research and manufacturing scientists. Alan’s team at the School of Medicine usually works on reprogramming viruses so they can target and kill cancer - but are now focusing their efforts to help in the fight against the new Coronavirus gripping the world.

Over the past months Alan has 
appeared many times on national television highlighting the impact of ongoing Research Projects in the pursuit of defeating major health problems including Covid-19

The team is funded by Cancer Research UK, and are drawing on their expertise in viruses to seek out “tools” which could be used to deliver a vaccine.
They have already identified about half a dozen viral vectors which may be useful for encoding coronavirus antigens - the name for the part of the virus used to safely induce an immune response which may then offer protection against subsequent infection, or immunity.

“Our aim is to produce potential vaccines and then pass these on to immunologists to test to see if they are able to induce an immune response that can protect against coronavirus infection,” said Dr Parker.

Dr Parker and his team are already back at work in the labs at a University research building at the University Hospital of Wales - but adhering strictly to physical distancing.

“Being back in the lab is really weird. It’s so empty and really quite eerie,” said Dr Parker.
“There are four of us on the team who have now been granted ‘essential worker status’ and we’re obviously having to maintain social distancing so are working apart. It’s very strange.


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STEM Ambassadors online in lockdown


STEM Ambassadors are still keeping active! Though unable to make school visits in person they are making great progress with online and virtual support.

Teachers can still connect with Ambassadors for a variety of opportunities.


  • Mentoring student projects through Microsoft Teams, Skype and similar secure platforms. 

Such as The Longitude Explorer Prize challenge where 2 schools from Wales are in the finals.
  • Invite a STEM Ambassador to virtually visit a STEM Club or class session. This will be undertaken with the usual safeguarding measures that apply to all STEM Ambassador engagements.
  • Video careers interviews and Mock Interviews 
  • Teacher webinars to ‘meet the STEM Ambassadors’
  • Assistance with developing practical activities 
  • Live video tours of a workplace with a STEM Ambassador

Masterclasses and Network meetings


One hugely popular initiative has been the STEM Ambassador Masterclass series. These are open to all Ambassadors. Informal opportunities to network with There have been over 20 different topics presented in the series which will continue through the Autumn term. All STEM Ambassadors and Teachers are welcome to attend. 

Topics have ranged from Eco-energy to Fascinating Fluids, Woodland Wonders to Earth the Early Years and Engineering our Waterways.

To offer a Masterclass or attend an upcoming session please contact me at

Bookings for Ambassadors via STEM Ambassador platform or expression of interest, Teacher bookings on Eventbrite

Masterclasses Summer 2020 - the programme continues through Autumn

Please get in touch if you would like to offer a Masterclass!

Programme Launch

Energising the Home and Fascinating Fluids with Sarah-Jane Potts


Sarah-Jane is a Research Engineer at Swansea University, her first masterclass was a session on the Off-Grid home and sustainable solutions to energy provision. 

Following the success and popularity Sarah-Jane followed up with a second Masterclass on Fascinating fluids around the Home. This session explored the difference between Newtonian and Non Newtonian Fluids found everyday from the kitchen to bathroom to bedroom.

The Masterclass was adaptable for both primary and secondary pupils with more complexity in formula and graphical explanations. Using items such as toothpaste, shampoo, conditioners and cornflour this was a superb demonstration of online practical activity.


Steel Products and Recycling for Schools with Nicola Jones

Nicola is a Communications Manager at Tata Steel Europe, her well received workshops and experience focused on the importance of Steel as a product and how it can be recycled so that most of the worlds’ current steel stock has previously existed in another form. 
Pupils take part in several investigations of the properties of steel and design packaging challenges. 
Teachers attending were keen to discuss when the opportunity to resume her school visits would be a prospect.

Earth Life the Early Years with Dr Richard Birch

Richard works as a Principal Ecologist at Ecoscope Ltd in North Wales, where his particular interests find a more productive outlet in ecological consultancy. 

Earth Life was an ‘Indiana Jones’ exploration of the global research Richard has undertaken in his career in diverse habitats. Introducing us to simple life forms on land and sea that have existed for hundreds of millions of years and are still with us today.

This was a fascinating insight into the natural world which continues with Evolution of Fish through Fossil Records in September

Coding for everyone with Dan Evans


Dan is a young STEM Ambassador working with Technocamps at Bangor. During lockdown he has been coaching pupils at a weekly Code Club online. 

Dan delivered 2 sessions: Banishing Fear of Coding and Breaking into Coding. Each session included a demonstration of Gamefroot  which is a free resource adaptable for a wide pupil range.
This was a classic session introducing teachers and pupils to the benefits and safeguarding of coaching IT technology online.

The Electronic Eye with Trevor Clarke

Trevor is an Electronic Engineer at Airbus Newport site

Trevor’s popular workshop for KS2/3 was converted to an online session. In February the practical activity was part of ‘Senses Day’ at Ysgol y Ffin. Pupils build a series of ‘electronic eyes’ sensitive to various light levels teaching pupils how the simple eye of the prey develops and differs in form to the eye of a predator and finally binocular vision.

The workshop materials are planned to be used with a virtual session delivered by Trevor at schools in Anglesey and Gwynedd.

Managing our Waterways with Award winning Apprentice Engineer Alex Prance 


Alex is a Technician at Stantec.  He completed his apprenticeship and BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Engineering and is now studying BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering Degree.

As a design engineer on Eight2o Projects under the guidance of the Lead Design Engineers, Alex presented a Masterclass on projects with Thames Water illustrating the rebuilding project of a Victorian Sewer in London which crossed the underground tube lines.

Miracles of Nature with Kevin Stephens


Kevin presented an intriguing session on Bioextraction from plants focussing on Galantamine from Daffodils. Galantamine is produced by certain varieties of daffodil particularly grown at high altitude of harsh climate. Powys and the Black Mountains being an ideal location for the crop.
Galantamine works by inhibiting an enzyme that leads to the cognitive impairment found in people with Alzheimer’s. Kevin covered the environmental conditions that assist the yield, methodology of HPLC and Bioextraction technology.

BioExtractions Wales provide a contract service to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, chemical, food industries or any industry that needs to separate key compounds from their base complex mixtures.
As CEO at BioExtractions Kevin is a key developer of the methodology of extracting and refining naturally occurring compounds from plants. He started up Agroceutical Products on the family farm in Powys, after reading about how daffodils can produce natural galantamine.

Woodland Wonders with Jim Langley


Jim is the Director of Nature’s Work he is an international Mountain Leader with a Masters in Conservation and Land Management.

From his base in Gwynedd he produced a fantastic session on trees in Britain. Combining the Botany, History, Myth and Medicinal uses of these woodland wonders, Jim interspersed slides with interactive quizzes and discussion. Jim is also an expert on Alpine Flowers and adaptation to their environment, he will hopefully cover this topic at a new Masterclass

The Brilliant Brain with Dr Emma Ynell


Award winning Dr Emma Yhnell delivered a first class session on Brain Science. Emma is a highly experienced Ambassador; her fun and interactive session was illustrated with a practical ‘brain surgery’ on a brain blancmange! 

The Masterclass covered MRI, comparative brain development in mammals and her work in Huntingdon’s disease. Especially suitable for KS2 / 3 students.

Emma followed with her hot tips for effective presenting online, highly relevant in the current climate.


STEM Ambassador opportunities

At this time opportunities and requests will be online or remote engagement by video link only


All Wales online

All opportunities can be sourced by signing into your STEM Ambassador profile at using your email address and password


STEM Ambassador Masterclass

What’s Up There? Exploring Space 
Thursday 24 September 3pm

STEM Ambassador Jon will lead us through his Space activities for Primary Pupils.

  • What's up there? What you might see by looking up! Atmospheric phenomena all the way out to extra galactic!

With companion slides on "An introduction to Astronomy".

Jon will host his superluminal trip around the Solar System for primary ages 8 – 11yrs.

STEM Ambassador Masterclass date tbc

Buried treasure: Archaeology of the Iron Age Hill Fort

Dr Dave Wyatt and Dr Ollie Davis Cardiff University School of Archaeology lead the Caer Heritage Hill Fort project. This community focussed project has illuminated the ancient human habitation of this huge Iron Age Hillfort previously undiscovered.

The aim of the project has involved the local community in discovering their local history, breaking down educational barriers and challenge negative perceptions of their community.

Dave and Ollie will show you the practical activities involved and the amazing discovery of the first settlements in the capital city of Wales!

Science of Aviation 
Thursday 22 October 1pm - 2.15pm
Online via Zoom

STEM Ambassadors Dan Evans (Technocamps) and Jenny Haigh will lead us through the history of aviation and the science / engineering behind the transport that changed the world.

From early beginnings the aviation industry had transformed connections and the speed of transport. We explore different aircraft and scientific innovations.
Dan will introduce his new video game on Caernarfon Airport designed for young people to engage with systems in air traffic controls and logistics

 ICE Inspiration Series:

The Institute of Civil Engineers warmly welcomes all to attend from students to STEM Ambassadors - any STEM background can book:

·         8 October – Why civil engineering? Saving lives
·         22 October – Why civil engineering? Designing and building the future
·         5 November – What is it like being a civil engineering university student?
·         19 November – What is it like being a civil engineering apprentice?
·         3 December – How do I become a civil engineer? How to apply and how to get an ICE QUEST scholarship

Careers Q & A session by remote links – Autumn Term dates to suit available time

Careers Wales are seeking Ambassadors to take part in a ‘Live’ Q&A via Teams/Zoom. This will be offered to schools in the Autumn 
This will be a great opportunity for schools unable to access a full spectrum of Ambassadors in their area

Teacher webinars: Meet the STEM Ambassadors

Book on eventbrite or via STEM Ambassador website 
Online with Zoom

This is an opportunity for teachers to hear directly from STEM Ambassadors on how they interact with schools both face to face and, more recently, virtually. 
As a STEM Ambassador you have time allocated to talk about yourself, career and offer a short slide show if wished
We will open the webinar for discussions during the session.

Mentors for Yr 11 / Yr 13 students (remote support can be offered)
Hawthorn High School 

Head of Science Alex Strong has seen the impact of mentor support on her student’s attainment. Alex would welcome some mentoring offers for Yr 11 and Yr 13 students (GCSE / A level)

This can be done online arranged by the school or when conditions are approved by a visit to the school

Time available would be at your convenience and as much or little as you can offer

Windsor Clive Primary School STEM activities live and online

STEM Ambassadors are keenly sought to offer an activity for her after school STEM Club. 
The club will run from Mid-September, pupils are 9 – 10 yrs old

Teacher Kerry Owen plans to give the pupils a practical activity set by an Ambassador which is followed by a remote visit by video link
You can also offer a ‘virtual visit’ to your workplace by video or a talk on your work, interactivity is key!

Guest Speakers on Medical Science
Hawthorn High School 

Head of Science Alex Strong would welcome guest speakers on medical science topics or career opportunities.
These could be arranged by virtual classroom visits or when conditions are approved by a visit to the school at a later date

Gaming video podcast for students
Online podcast

Dates to suit Ambassadors

Education coordinator Georgie Brown is seeking Ambassadors with knowledge and experience of Gaming to record a podcast. Areas of interest include 

  • The history of gaming 
  • The wellbeing of gaming 
  • The graphics of gaming 
  • The impact of gaming on our economies and jobs 
  • The link between classroom coding and how to become a gamer 

Podcasts will be available for students to view online

Physics Forums

STEM Ambassador speakers are keenly sought for a short 10 min talk on their work / career. The Forum will be attended by teachers from across the Institute of Physics network.

Please book your place in advance .


  • Events take place Thursdays at 7pm from 10th September – 14th October (various dates)
  • A Physics background is not essential, any work where some form of Physics is required would be welcome

Join IOP Wales for a discussion forum to share resources, ideas and ongoing developments in schools. This is an opportunity to find out more or present and share ideas. Anyone with an interest in Physics is welcome.


West Wales

Pembrokeshire Ceredigion

Careers Wales West video logs for secondary schools

STEM Ambassadors from Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire are keenly sought for video recordings.
These will be short interviews which will be sent to schools during the Autumn term. Dylan Rees at Careers Wales West will arrange the recording asking a series of questions such as:

  1. Your current job role with the name of the company / employer.
  2. What school did you go to? Did you enjoy or dislike school, what qualifications did you gain and when did you leave, e.g. after GCSEs or A-Levels etc.
  3. What did you do after leaving school?
  4. What does your current job role involve?
  5. What aspects do you like or dislike?
  6. Do you think that you made the right decisions or is there anything that you would have done differently, e.g. at school or upon leaving school?
  7. What advice would you give to any person looking at doing your job?

North Wales


Putting the Skills in STEM 
Pre-recorded session by video

Careers Wales North seek a 10-minute video session in advance of the Skills in STEM event on October 20th covering: 

  • Jobs growth within SCIENCE and the type of jobs they should be thinking about 

  • Skills set: what kind of skills will be required to meet the demand within the developments in Science 

  • Make links between Science Careers, Science skills and employers with specific employers.

Further events take place half termly during the school day to ensure that all participants in Yr 9/10 can take part.

  • Put the S in Stem: Oct 20th

  • Put the T in Stem: Dec 15th (Workshop by Technocamps)

  • Put the E in Stem: Feb 9th (Workshop by EESW)

  • Put the M in Stem: April 20th (Ran by M-sparc)

The aim of each event is to give students a greater understanding of the breadth of skills and careers within each element of Stem by making connections between local LMI and the Stem Curriculum

Before each of the individual events we would present a 10 mins Ted Style Talk to inspire our young people to actively  take part  and understand the context of each event

Are you an employer in #Wrexham that would be interested in supporting secondary schools?

During these uncertain times Careers Wales are keen to work with employers to offer schools something different. 

Each of the interventions listed below will give young people a valuable insight into the values, skills, qualities and attitudes needed for future working lives. 

Types of interventions: -
· Virtual careers fair
· ‘An audience with …..’ employer presentations
· Curriculum enrichment
· Alumni presentation
· Enterprise and how to start a new business
· Apprenticeship presentation
· Recruitment presentation

The presentations could be delivered using different digital platforms. 


Alumni from Wales schools

Are you a past pupil from a school in Wales?

Are you a past pupil from a school in Wales? 

Careers Wales are seeking a 10 minute presentation on 'an audience with'

​​​​​​​ .. this focuses on you, who do you work for; job role; skills; qualifications; daily activities


Powys and Ceredigion Schools

Powys based schools support online: flexible dates

Careers mid Wales are seeking Ambassadors from Powys or who are based in Powys for any of these activities. They will all take place online

An audience with……… .a presentation on your career journey, covering who you work for, job role, skills, qualifications, daily activities, opportunities etc 

Curriculum enrichment – a presentation in a specific sector which highlights the real-life application of aspects of the curriculum 

Alumni presentation – an ex-pupil of the school speaking about how they have overcome barriers to achieve success in their career 

Apprenticeship presentation - An apprentice and a HR or Training Manager deliver a presentation highlighting what an apprenticeship is, why they chose this route, how to apply and hints and tips relating to the application process. 

Recruitment presentation – tips on applying for jobs, application forms, CVs and creating a good impression at interview

STEM Map of Wales 

Cardiff University Trio Sci team are working with 18 schools across the South Wales Valleys to engage with 3,172 pupils, offering a unique opportunity to participate in 3 different innovative STEM programmes in order to boost the uptake of STEM subjects in Wales. 

To support this, we are in the process of creating a Career Map to help our students develop an awareness and understanding of the different STEM related companies which are situated in their local areas and we would be extremely grateful if you could help. 

We are asking companies if they are happy to provide a brief overview of their company (2-3 lines) and any videos about the company which can be embedded on our STEM Map. This can be viewed here:

 IOP Wales Welsh Physics Teachers Conference Brecon 2020

ONLINE Monday 5th to Saturday 10th October

The full programme can be viewed here    and registration is here.

A fabulous free week of presentations and workshops for all interests in STEM including  opportunities to network with colleagues online.

Workshops will include Earth in Space; Lego Physics; Sunglasses, Violins and Electrons; Physics with Balloons – and the Annual (virtual) Quiz from Zeera‘s!

From 16:00 and 20:00 each evening Monday – Friday, as well as a full programme on Wednesday (09:00 – 20:00) and Saturday morning (09:00 – 13:00) with a choice of workshops, shows and presentations.

Inspiring lectures include

‘Movement, Measurement and the Laws of Motion‘ – Prof Huw Summers (Swansea University);

‘New Worlds‘ – Prof Mike Edmunds (Cardiff University)

 ‘The Planet of Pollution‘ – Prof Averil MacDonald OBE (Southampton University).