Dear Ambassadors

We have been enjoying some unusually sunny weather this Summer, many STEM Ambassadors have taken part in public events such as the Eisteddfod, Introfest and Einstein's Garden most of which are held outdoors. The support of various STEM Ambassador teams at the Eisteddfod Science Pavilion can be read below.
Visting as many STEM Ambassador engagements as my schedule allows is a privilege to see first had the diverse pupil and public groups we support.

From Secondary School Mock Interviews to Primary Science, Public events and a Special Needs School request - you will find an Opportunity in this month's newsletter to suit all interests!

I hope to visit more Ambassador engagements this Autumn!






STEM Ambassador opportunities




National Eisteddfod Science Pavilion - showcase STEM Ambassadors

The National Eisteddfod of Wales was hosted this year by Cardiff. Extensive and most impressive venues across Cardiff Bay were provided for the Programme of events. The Science Pavilion was a very popular place for family visitors, STEM Ambassadors making a huge contribution to it's success.

A range of activities from Bioluminescence to Modelling Molecules to Coding were presented  by STEM Ambassadors. Other STEM Ambassadors kindly offered their time to greet, assist and provide support for visitors. 
Some wonderful practical engagement was offered by STEM Ambassadors from:

  • Cardiff School of Pharmacy: Science of the Sea - led by Dr Arwyn Jones

  • Royal Society of Chemistry: Molecules, Fragrances and their Structures  led by Dr Dayna Mason

  • DVLA Code Challenge: Programming

  • Cardiff Metropolitan University: Robotics

STEM Ambassador Ian Treen (DVLA) dedicated his time every day during the week, providing lively interaction every day! 

"I enjoyed every minute - even the challenges - the week has flown by"


STEM Ambassadors go Supersonic at St Michael's Primary


STEM and Bloodhound SSC Ambassador Allan Reid together with fellow STEM Ambassadors Jeff Webb and Karl Jones spent a memorable day at St Michaels as part of their Science week 8th June.

The objective for the day was to introduce Bloodhound SSC Super Sonic car capable of setting a new world land speed record of 1000 mph.
Allan presented details of the design of the car and where the land speed record attempts will be made. The presentation included some dynamic animated videos showing what Bloodhound SSC will look like during the land speed record attempts in South Africa 2019.

The STEM Ambassador team helped Years 3 and 4 in designing and building their own model cars constructed from Knex kits provided by the Bloodhound SSC Educational team. Allan explained the design criteria that were required. Pupils eagerly set about their tasks producing unique and interesting designs. Teams assessed and modified designs if they were found not to be as robust prior to the final race demonstration in the afternoon.

The play ground was used to test and race their models. With propulsion some cars reached 15 metres distance.

A member of staff noted that the pupils are easy to inspire and motivate them to get the full benefit of this unique and enjoyable learning experience.
For most of the children this was to first time they had seen or used Knex Kits encouraging children to develop their design and dexterity skills.
Teachers Mrs Gates and Mrs Davies and all the children thanked Jeff, Karl and Allan for a very enjoyable, constructive, and interesting educational experience. Allan presented the school with a framed Bloodhound SSC School participation certificate for display.

If your school or organisation would like a Bloodhound SSC Ambassador to come along and give a talk on Bloodhound SSC, please register your interest on

Public Health Wales: Bacteriology masterclass at Pentrehafod School

Professor Edward Guy Senior Clinical Scientist at Public Health Wales visited Pentrehafod School in Swansea last July. 
Teacher Rebecca Cassells had requested sessions on applications of Biology and Chemistry.

Public Health Wales are keen to promote the wide career paths that they offer pupils who are usually only aware of  medical careers in Healthcare Science.

Ed successfully combined Bacteriology and Microbiology and even included historical links on the impact of Spanish flu on world history!

"I spent a day at Pentrehafod and it seemed to go well. I delivered 6 x 50 min sessions as follows:
Environmental sampling and testing

I took some swabs and petri dishes to the school and one of the classes carried out environmental sampling of surfaces.  I talked to them about basic bacteriology (bugs and germs) during that hour.

Where are the bugs?

Bacterial contamination of the environment. How bacteria are spread and precautions to avoid. Part of this session was reviewing the bacteria that had grown from the sampling carried out on Monday and to let them draw conclusions as to where are the greatest risks, i.e. people rather than surfaces!


The children learned how Public Health Wales investigates outbreaks and then did their own investigation of food poisoning to collect information from patients and find out which food was the source.


1918 Spanish flu pandemic and how it killed 100 million people and disrupted everyday life across the planet.  Compared it to 2003 SARS outbreak where the virus was just as easily spread and just as deadly, but less than 1000 people died. The children learned why Spanish flu caused such major problems, and how technology and international collaboration stopped SARS from being as severe.


The Appeal of Maggots with Professor Yamni Nigram

Yamni is a well known feature of many STEM events - catch her team at the Swansea Science Festival this year!
Yamni set up the Swansea University Maggot Research Group looking into the medicinal properties of Maggots.


Her superbly successful outreach has included many Primary Schools in Swansea and beyond. 
Her Maggot workshop for Reaching Wider was also recently delivered for a group of Vulnerable children and their carers.

The workshop was also presented to Ebbw Fawr Alliance Primary cluster including:
Cwm Primary
Willowtown Community School
Glyncoed Primary
Ebbw Fawr Primary Phase
All Saints RC Primary
Rhos Y fedwen Primary

Exciting developments are being discussed on how  learning of Maggots and Maggot therapy can be incorporated into the new Curriculum.

STEM Ambassador David Dodd at Connah's Quay with Pyrotechnics!

David Dodd is an Engineer at RWE Npower, this was no ordinary request but delivered to perfection.

David set up a Mock LV network as shown in the two pictures 23 and 25.
We had pyrotechnics to simulate the explosion that would occur if it was real.

This was all aimed at Construction Workers, Joiners, Plumbers, Roofers, Painters and Bricklayers.

We were highlighting the dangers of electricity, what you should look for, how dangerous it is and also that we have a "new" phone number of 105  which is the national number which rings the "Local Electricity" company, depending upon where you are calling from. Also the information that is available from the HSE Website such as "Avoiding danger from underground services - HSG47" and " Avoiding danger from overhead power lines GS6".

STEM Ambassador Carl Mason and Cadets take flight!

STEM Ambassador Carl Mason is a supervising pilot for the Cadet Naval Aviation Course.

This is Carl's STEM engagement support in addition to his career at the BBC!

As a trainer for the Combined Cadet Force and Volunteer Cadet Corps, Carl includes many STEM elements in his course, maths, engineering and metrology.

"The first week of ground school went well and all cadets flew with the Navy that week.

Week two had Lt John Reeve RNR and myself flying the 12 cadets selected from week 1. All flew in the Grob Motorglider but weather stopped any further flying. 

We are now preparing for the final week in August with the Fleet Air Arm at Yeovilton.

I was surprised to be presented with a badge after my first flight for completing more than 50 hours of cadet air experience flights!"

All Wales


STEM Ambassador opportunities

You can also check out the latest STEM Ambassador requests in your region from your dashboard 

Greenpower Goblins need your help!

STEM Ambassadors from any part of Wales are eagerly sought by Primary Schools to assist with next years’ projects.

Pupils will be working in teams to build and race electric kit cars:

If you can offer a role as a mentor please get in touch. Ciara Doyle Wales Regional Officer for the Greenpower Trust would love to hear from you


 ‘Creative Pathways’ High School career fair

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. 20 November (10am to 2:30pm).

This is the third year Careers Wales have put on the event; both previous years have been really successful with Year 10, 11 and 6th Form pupils from schools in Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan, Bridgend, RCT and Merthyr attending. This year we are opening it up to schools in Caerphilly and Newport too.
This year we have a digital theme with a zone specifically for creative digital employers.. Click here for film of 2016 event at Wales Millennium Centre. I hope some of your Ambassadors who work in the creative sector will be interested in attending.


Save a Life: Learn CPR

Tuesday 16 October 2018, marks the World-Wide Restart a Heart Day, they will be coordinating the training of thousands of students across secondary schools in Wales. Last year, with the help of secondary schools, staff and volunteers, we were able to train more than 10,500 students in 53 schools across Wales. 
If someone suffers a cardiac arrest, their chances of survival double if it happens in front of a bystander who immediately starts CPR before our arrival.
Sign up to register your school or to register as a volunteer for the day and help us to train even more students in this lifesaving skill in 2018!



Maths Inspiration Roadshow support 11 December
Royal College of Music and Drama
CF10 3ER

  • The annual Roadshow is back for 2018!
  • This engaging showcase event is seeking 2 STEM Ambassadors to assist at front of house
  • Meeting and Greeting schools while enjoying the fantastic show afterwards
  • Light on demand and no preparation – I will forward offers to Rob Eastaway

Dragons Den Event 19 & 20 December 
St Illtyd’s Catholic High School

  • Year 10 pupils will be designing a product in teams and pitching their business ideas to a Dragons Den panel of employers
  • STEM Ambassadors have been requested to take part on the panel
  • Their pitches will include their individual roles, marketing, product design, placement, financing, etc).
  • They have also asked if some employers may be able to visit the school briefly a few weeks before to help the pupils with their plans; people involved with design would be perfect.
  • If you could take part as a Dragon or visit the school before the event I will place you in contact with Adrian Cole

STEM  sessions: Human Body or Electricity any dates before / after half term
Lansdowne Primary

  • Teacher Karl Redding is seeking STEM Ambassadors who could offer a Year 3 session
  • Topic before half term: The Human Body
  • Topic after half term: Electricity
  • The session would be for a class of 30 aged 6 – 7 yrs

Cardiff: Sustainable Earth and Recycling
Severn Primary School
CF11 9DZ

  • Teacher Sam Slater is seeking a STEM Ambassador for a session on Recycling and Reducing Global Footprint
  • Pupils are yr 4 (7yrs old)
  • Any date in the Autumn term can be arranged

Cardiff: Science sessions
Ysgol Gymraeg Nant Caerau

  • Science and Technology co-ordinator Alaw is coordinating Science Week. The school is located in one of the most deprived areas in Cardiff with around 30% of pupils receiving Free School Meals.
  • Her aim during the Science Week is to build the children's aspirations in life and to engage the pupils' interest in Science and Technology.
  • She would very happy to host STEM Ambassador sessions on any theme and any topic!

Cardiff: Science for Year 5

Lansdowne Primary
CF5 1JY 

  • Teacher Karl Redding is keen to host a STEM Ambassador session. 
  • Topics can be anything from Space - Nature - Human Body - Engineering and the World around us.
  • The session / workshop can be from 1 hour to half day as suits your session

Cardiff: Site visits to local places

St Peters Primary
CF24 3SP.

  • STEM sessions / site visits. Teacher Phil Ryan is very keen to build on recent visits by STEM Ambassadors and to local industries.
  • Flexible on dates to suit Ambassadors.
  • Phil would like to hear from any STEM Ambassador or group of Ambassadors who could offer a session or company visit.

Pupils are mainly Year 4.  

Barry: Science Council support & KS2 sessions

Gladstone Primary School
CF62 8NA

  • Teacher Stefan Hicks is seeking STEM Ambassador support for KS2
  • The school would welcome either:
    • A Discussin with Science Council
    • Wrkshop activities for KS2
  • 30 pupils per class and 2 classes in each year group
  • Dates can be set to suit your availability

Vale of Glamorgan: The More Complex Switch: Electricity session
September / October any day except Mondays
St David’s Primary
CF71 7NL

  • Teacher Karen Anthony is seeking a STEM Ambassador to present a workshop on the topic of The More Complex Switch (curriculum topic detail provided on request). Her pupils are yr 5/6 (8 - 9yrs).
  • Any day September or October is possible except Mondays.

STEM sessions for More Able and Talented Pupils
September – November flexible dates
St Richard Gwyn RC School
CF63 1BL

  • Assistant Head Amy Leftley is seeking STEM sessions (of any discipline) for her MAT pupils.
  • The aim of the sessions will be to discuss opportunities in your area of expertise.
  • A career biography and Q & A would be fine or an interesting presentation of your career path

Marshfied Girl Guide Forensic session – any Monday 7.30 – 8.30pm
Marshfield Village Hall
3 Wellfield Road

  • Guide Leader Shona is seeking STEM Ambassador visits for the Autumn term
  • They are keen to have a session on Forensics or any topic related to Forensic Science
  • An interactive or practical element is welcomed
  • 22 guides attend each week ages 11 – 14

                                      NP POSTCODES


Llandogo STEM week October
Llandogo Primary
NP25 4TJ

  • Teacher Mark Watson is coordinating STEM week and would delighted if STEM Ambassadors could offer sessions on either Tuesday 23, Thursday 25 or Friday 26
  • Mark is happy to go with any topic: Environment, Space, any science topic
  • Sessions could include for KS2 pupils Forces
  • Foundation pupils studying The Human Body

Newport: BP STEM challenge support Reinventing Everyday Items
Rougemont School
NP20 6QB

  • Teacher Alison Jenkins Year 8 & 9 pupils are competing in the BP challenge
  • Alison  is seeking a STEM Ambassador to visit her pupils with a discussion on ideas for the BP STEM Challenge
  • The challenge is to reinvent everyday items. Alison is hoping a STEM Ambassador can provide inspiring ideas
  • Pupils meet at their STEM Club on Mondays 1.30pm – 2pm

Transport and Road Planning: Autumn term dates to suit Ambassador
Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd
NP18 2LN

  • Year 3 & 4 pupils are investigating the effects of a new road on local habitats
  • Deputy Head Rhian Evans is keen to have a visit from STEM Ambassadors with expertise in transport, road planning and the considerations for local habitats
  • Welsh or English medium optional

Weather session Autumn dates to suit STEM Ambassador
Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd
NP18 2LN

  • Year 1 & 2 pupils are studying weather systems in the Autumn term
  • Deputy Head Rhian Evans would value a STEM Ambassador session or workshop to add interest and expertise to the topic
  • Welsh or English session optional

Healthy bodies – How Does My Body Work
St Julian’s Primary
NP19 7UB

  • Teacher Louise Robinson seeks to bring a wow factor to the theme  'how does my body work?'
  • The theme includes understanding digestion, how to keep teeth healthy, identifying organs and work on healthy diets.
  • Pupils are Yr 4 (8yrs old)
  • Dates any time Autumn Term

Rocks and Fossils
St Julian’s Primary
NP19 7UB

  • Teacher Louise Robinson is looking for a stem ambassador/geologist to enhance teaching rocks and fossils
  • The science theme 'rocks and soils' coincides with teaching the students about the Romans
  • Pupils are Yr 3 (6 yrs old)
  • Any time after October half term

STEM Visits Crindau Primary School
Crindau Primary
NP20 5ND

  • Teacher Medi James and colleagues were delighted with the Summer Term STEM Ambassador visits
  • The school would love to host STEM Ambassadors in the Autumn Term
  • All topics are welcome and the dates can be arranged to suit your schedule

STEM sessions for Foundation, Yrs 1 and 2. Yrs 3- 6

St Woolos Primary
Stow Hill
NP20 4DW

  • Teacher Abi Watkins would like to arrange termly visits from various STEM Ambassadors
  • Ideally Ambassadors will offer 3 sessions during their visit so that all pupils from the year group can experience the session
  • The choice of Year group will be with you
  • Any topic can be considered as the curriculum is extensive and experiential

 Ditch the Dirt project

Clytha Primary School
NP20 4JT

  • Teacher Jade Jones and her KS2 pupils are starting the new STEM Challenge on Clean Water.
  • The project covers the importance and technology behind filtration, sieving and how dirty water can be made clean
  • They would value a STEM Ambassador to visit the project and provide some advice / insight

Rhiwderin Brownies Science / Engineering session

Any Wednesday 5.30pm – 6.30pm.

  • Pack leader Sam is seeking STEM Ambassadors (particularly female) for a visit to their group. They would love to hear your career story.
  • If you can bring something interesting for them – a demo or activity that would be great.
  • I will forward offers to Sam.  

Rhymney: Habitats for KS1
Idris Davies School
NP22 5XF

  • Teacher Danielle Self is seeking STEM Ambassadors who could offer a session on Habitats (plant or animal) for KS 1 pupils.
  • Pupils are 4yrs – 6yrs old
  • Any dates this term

Caldicot: STEM workshops
Ysgol Y Ffin

NP26 4NQ

  • STEM Ambassadors are always welcome to offer visits / after school Club sessions at the school
  • This is a Welsh Medium School where Welsh is preferred for KS1 but English or Welsh welcome for KS2
  • The school will also be hosting a family Saturday event – details to follow – STEM Ambassadors welcomed

Blackwood: Technology / Film / Gaming
Pontllanffraith Primary

NP12 2DN

  • Teacher Carys Price is seeking a STEM Ambassador for one session or a series of sessions (your choice)
  • Her Yr 5 and 6 pupils are working on a project and would like to make a short film or video clip.
  • If you can offer practical advice or a short session they would be delighted!

Caerphilly: After school or lunchtime Club visit (Welsh medium).
Ysgol Gymraeg Trelyn.
NP12 3ST.

  • Liz Owen is eager to host STEM Ambassadors. KS2 pupils are covering topics on Playing with Physics (yrs 3/4) and Energy Light & Sound (yrs5/6)
  •  If you can offer a one hour session 3.30 -4.30 or a lunchtime visit
  • Any dates next term will be great.  

Crickhowell : STEM sessions

Llangynidr Primary School
NP8 1LU.

  • Teacher Claire Watson is seeking an Ambassador to present workshop or talk on any STEM topic.
  • Interactive interesting topics welcome


Oldcastle Primary STEM Week November (week tbc)

CF31 3ED

The annual STEM week is taking place in November
Teacher Katie Coleman is again seeking STEM Ambassadors for:

  • Practical workshops
  • Talks
  • Site visits to workplaces / places of interest

All Primary Year groups are involved – you can select from Nursery – yr 6
The overall theme is Ecology / Sustainability but all offers will be accepted!

STEM Week 22 – 26 October
Pontypridd High School Albion Site, Cilfynydd, CF37 4SF

  • Teacher Sian Brayford is seeking a diverse range of sessions from STEM Ambassadors
  • Any day of this week can be selected
  • Select your preferred pupil age range from 11 – 18yrs
  • Sian welcomes talks, presentations, workshops

Rhondda Cynon Taf:  Ecology workshop support

Yr 9 & 10 
Ysgol Rhydywaun
CF44 9ES

      • Teacher Leana Stansfield is planning to run workshops on ecology
      • These may include pond dipping, lichen survey, soil or sampling using quadrats
      • Initially Leana and her colleagues would like a discussion with STEM Ambassadors on the content of the session
      • Further assistance is optional 

Merthyr Tydfil: STEM Week
Pantysgallog Primary School
CF48 2AD

  • Teacher Craig Lynch will be pleased to hear from STEM Ambassadors who can offer a session during Science Week.
  • Craig would be pleased for all offers of support - any topic would be welcome Interactive or demonstrations of particular interest

Merthyr Tydfil: Trelewis Science sessions

Trelewis Primary
CF46 6AH

The school was not able to run a Science Week in March, and don’t want the pupils to miss the experience

  • Teacher Jonathan Keefe is seeking any STEM topic sessions.
  • You can offer for any age groups 5yrs - 10 yrs old, and all topics will be accepted.
  • Pupils are studying Space, Electricity, Light, Sound, Environment, Habitat,

            Human Body, Technology, Engineering topics, and many others

Bargoed: STEM - French
Lewis Boys School
CF81 8LJ

  • Ffion McCarthy wishes to organise a session for year 8 boys about the importance of learning French with STEM subjects.
  • They aim raise pupils awareness of the importance of language learning and working in a STEM environment
  • This is an all boys secondary school based in Pengam


Climate Change: Schools Project Collaboration with Swansea University STEM Ambassadors

Dr Jennifer Rudd is seeking contact with STEM Ambassadors who have developed / delivered Climate Change sessions at schools.

Jennifer and her colleagues are developing a workshop and resources which they aim to offer Secondary Schools across Wales and would greatly value discussions with experienced STEM Ambassadors.

If you would like to offer advice, make contact or send a message to Jennifer please let me know.

BTEC Applied Science Lab session
Ysgol Ystalyfera

Teacher Bethan Murphy is seeking a presentation or short demonstration on Laboratory Information Systems Students are BTEC level 3.
The module requires students to

  • Describe the procedure for storing information in a laboratory information management system
  • Explain the processes involved in storing information in a scientific workplace
  • Discuss the advantages gained by keeping data and records on a laboratory management information system

Primary School project session: Prosthetic Limbs: any date until Christmas
Ynystawe School

  • Teacher John Jenkins is seeking a STEM Ambassador for and insight session linked to this project
  • The entire school will be taking part
  • The link could be to engineering, human anatomy, adaptation, psychology etc
  • You can offer a session for any Year group, any time and day

Swansea: SCREAM Theme project

Cadle Primary School
Fforest Ffach

  • Science Coordinator Jamie Davies is seeking STEM Ambassador Sessions for his pupils
  • They are following a project called ‘Scream Theme’ looking at Theme Park rides
  • The school is in a deprived area and pupils lack interesting science experience outside their school curriculum
  • Jamie would welcome a STEM Ambassador to offer support looking at the Physics, Engineering and Science of Theme Park rides

Gower: STEM Club visit any Wednesday Summer / Autumn Term

Pennard Primary

  • Calling all Scientists and Engineers
  • Pennard Primary are eager to host STEM Ambassadors at the lunchtime Club
  • Years 3 – 6 attend (6-10 years old)
  • Demonstrations or hands on activities very welcome

Mock Interviews: Various Schools Various Dates

The aim of the Interview is to provide young people with the opportunity to explore and practice the skills, attitudes, values and qualities needed for life and work through a mock interview session. 

Support required: any time you can spare 8.45am – 3pm

  1. 3 or 4 October Ysgol Gyfun Ystalafera SA9 2JJ
  2. 21 or 22 November Penyrheol Comprehensive School SA4 4FG

Mock Interviews Whitland Carmathenshire

Ysgol Dyffryn Taf
SA34 0BD

Monday 1 October and / or Tuesday 2 October

The aim of the Interview is to provide young people with the opportunity to explore and practice the skills, attitudes, values and qualities needed for life and work through a mock interview session. 

Support required: either day – any time you can spare 8.45am – 3pm

My Contact is Dylan Rees Careers Wales West

Careers Fair Penyrheol Comprehensive School Gorseinon, 
Swansea, SA4 4FG

4 October 8.45 – 3pm

The aim of the event is to increase and enhance pupil awareness of the different opportunities and vocational career routes available to them.   The format is informal where volunteer ambassadors from different sectors talk young people giving them an insight into their careers and life journeys


Dylan Thomas School

  • Teacher Lucy Griffin is seeking a STEM Ambassador with French or Spanish language skill
  • Yr 7 pupils study Spanish with French introduced in Yr 8
  • The session would be focussed on Careers but with Maths/ Science/ Engineering /Tech with modern foreign languages. 
  • Chances to use language skills not only abroad but also in Wales 
  • Many of her students are from a quite insular background, low socio-economic status, many with lower literacy skills than the national average.
  • Ideally 4 sessions with a lunch break between sessions

This would be a great opportunity for these pupils as they have less contact to STEM professionals.


Conwy Feast 26-28 October
Civic Hall
Conwy LL32 8AY

  • The Royal Society of Biology will have a hands-on science stand at Conwy Feast on 26-28 October 2018 in Conwy, Wales
  • They are seeking volunteers to join us to help the RSB team deliver a number of hands-on science activities.
  • If you would like to volunteer please email Amanda Hardy and you will be sent further details just before the event.

North East Wales Schools Mock interviews: Wrexham area

The aim of these workshops is to provide young people with the opportunity to explore and practice the skills, attitudes, values and qualities needed for life and work through a mock interview session. 
6 x 30 minute interviews are planned for each volunteer.

26 October Ysgol Rhiwabon Wrexham LL14 6BT Year 11 pupils Morning only

17 January 2019 St Joseph’s  High Wrexham LL13 7EN Year 11 pupils Morning only
25 January 2019 Ysgol Rhosnesni LL13 9ET Year 11 pupils Morning only
22 February 2019 The Maelor Wrexham LL13 0LU Year 11 pupils Morning only
22 March 2019 Ysgol Bryn Alyn Wrexham LL11 4HB Year 11 pupils Morning only
11 April 2019 Darland High School Rosett LL12 0DL Year 10 pupils Morning only
Please offer support for the date of your choice.

Numeracy at Work: Darland High and Ysgol Bryn Alyn
These are employer led workshops representing different sectors.
6 x 40 minute workshop are required talking to groups of approximately 20-25 pupils.
The workshop / talk focuses on careers and opportunities within their sector and the importance of maths.
 This is a valuable opportunity for Years 8 or 9 pupils to understand the importance of maths and start to develop the skills and attitudes necessary for the world of work. 

21 November Darland High School Rosett LL12 0DL Year 8 & 9 pupils 9.00am – 1.30pm
6 March 2019 Ysgol Bryn Alyn Wrexham LL11 4HB Year 7 pupils 9am – 12pm

Careers Fair 6 February 2019
Glyndwr University Sports Hall
LL11 2AW
The aim of the event is to increase and enhance pupil awareness of the different opportunities and vocational career routes available to them.   The format is informal where volunteer ambassadors from different sectors talk young people giving them an insight into their careers and life journeys
Year 10 – Year 13 pupils (GCSE / A level) various local schools

World of Work employer carousel 12 February 2019

Ysgol Bryn Alyn
LL11 4HB

6 x 45 minute workshops run by employers for young people in schools. 
They are an important way to facilitate students’ learning about the world of work.  A feature of a World of Work event is that employers are involved as adults other than teachers presenting case studies based on their own experience

Stockbroker Challenge 24 and 25 June 2019 9.00am – 1.30pm

Darland High School
LL12 0DL

6 Ambassadors with some experience of industry / business are invited to support the stockbroker challenge.
Year 8 & 9 pupils will be presenting projects and taking part in a team challenge

Site visits to places of interest or Inspirational Talks
 North Wales

If you can offer a site visit or an inspiring talk for a school in your area I will place you in contact with Lesley Lloyd Careers Wales North East.
Lesley has received requests from her cohort of schools for visits. 

Chester Zoo EU vidubiology project  Tuesday 9th October 13.30

The EU vidubiology project (large-scale Erasmus plus KA2) will be holding a workshop for KS3 Biology and Science teachers in Chester 
Details and registration form on the project website 
 There is no charge for the workshop but places are limited.

Bangor: STEM Club at St Gerards Primary any Monday 3pm – 4pm

St Gerards Primary
LL57 2EL

  • Teacher Tamzin Pritchard is seeking STEM Ambassadors to visit the pupils at their STEM Club
  • Tamzin has been delighted with the impact of previous STEM Ambassador visits
  • Any STEM session will be delightfully received!

Holywell STEM sessions - all dates available this term

Ysgol Maes Y Felin

  • Teacher Tamsin is seeking sessions for Foundation, Yr 1 / Yr 2 pupils
  • Next term they are inspiring pupils with 'Reach for the Stars' which is to raise aspirations and goals
  • All STEM topics would be welcome and some interactive elements will be important

Bangor University Ocean Science Careers Fair
1pm – 3.30pm Wednesday 13 March 2019
Menai Bridge
LL59 5AB

  • Katrien Van Landegham invites STEM Ambassadors to exhibit / attend the Careers event
  • If you would like to have a presence I will forward your interest
  • Exhibitors will be provided with lunch
  • Students are studying Biology, Marine Science and Geology

SY and LD postcodes

STEM sessions for More Able and Talented  pupils

Any date Autumn term
St Mary’s Catholic Primary
3 The Orchard,
Milford Rd,
SY16 2DA

  • Teacher Sarah Ruggeri  is seeking STEM sessions of all kinds focussing on any topic
  • Pupils are ages 5yrs – 11yrs, any year group of your choice
  • This is a small school initiating a strong STEM focus in Autumn

Programmme of STEM speakers
The Marches School
SY11 2AR

Meg Murphy is seeking STEM Ambassador support for the following event days

  1. 22 October 2018         4          Speaker
  2. 6 November 2018       1          Speaker
  3. 20 November 2018     2          Speaker
  4. 4 December 2018       3          Speaker - Interview preparation
  5. 18 December 2018     4          Speaker

The talks are aimed at Yr 9 / 10 pupils. Approximately 30 minutes required.

Brecon: Institute of Physics Teachers Conference
3 October 9.15 – 3pm (any time during the event)
Christ College Brecon

STEM Ambassador support / networking at this annual conference. Teachers from across Wales will be attending sessions to advance knowledge in a wide range of workshops.
STEM Ambassadors are welcome to support the See Science stand, networking with teachers and the opportunity to hear keynote talks on weather forecasting and bionic prosthetics.
Limited spaces for volunteers available

2019 Ceredigion Careers Festival Tuesday 19th February 2019

Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Aberystwyth University
Penglais Campus
 Aberystwyth SY23 3DE

  • Careers Wales in partnership with Aberystwyth University and Aberystwyth Arts Centre are planning the schedule for the Festival
  • The event will be open from 9am until 4pm.
  • 1000 Pupils from Years 9 to 13 in Ceredigion will attend.
  • This year parents will also be invited at lunchtime.
  • The aim of the event is to provide pupils, teachers and parents with an interactive insight into the vast range of career opportunities available, as well as raising their awareness of the different pathways that can be taken after school.
  • There is no cost to you to attend, except your valuable time and expertise, which the organisers place at premium value.

Please respond to Rebecca Flanagan if you are interested. Further details will be provided.

Brecon Primary science sessions. Dates flexible.
Llangors Primary

LD3 7UB. 

Teacher Meg is eager to host STEM Ambassadors for any of these topics:

  1. Rainforests year 3
  2. Sea and Marine Life – year 4
  3. Sustainability – year 5

Much appreciate volunteers in this small rural school

NEW FOR AUTUMN – GL postcodes

We have been contacted by Gloucester Gfirst LEP to support neighbouring schools in Gloucester. If you can support any request please copy me into a message to Duncan Willoughby

Employability Mentors

Seeking highly motivated and enthusiastic business volunteers to help deliver our mentoring programme in secondary schools across the county.
Working with young people aged between 14-16 years on a one to one basis, our mentors engage with them to help to develop confidence, employability skills, and also to help them to explore their future educational and career choices.
All prospective mentors are DBS checked and receive mentoring training before they are matched to individual mentees in the schools that we work with. Mentoring will inspire and nurture a young person as they take their initial steps into employment

Schools activities: Mock Interviews and Young Entrepreneurs

 Young Entrepreneurs 9am-4pm

2nd October 2018       Year 9 Tewkesbury School                             
9th October 2018        Year 9 Westonbirt School                              
17th October 2018      Year 9            Cheltenham College  
9th November 2018    Year 9 Sir Thomas Rich’s School, Gloucester           
Mock Interviews 8.30am -1.30pm

19th October 2018      Year 13 The Crypt School, Gloucester         
7th November 2018    Year 13 Churchdown School, Gloucester                 
8th November 2018    Year 13 Churchdown School, Gloucester
15th November 2018  Year 11 Dene Magna School, Mitcheldean              
20th November 2018  Year 10 Pittville School, Cheltenham                         
30th November 2018  Year 10 Wycliffe School, Stonehouse                      
4th December 2018    Year 12 Sir Thomas Rich’s School, Gloucester        
10th December 2018  Year 12 Archway School, Stroud                  
14th January 2019      Year 11 The Crypt School, Gloucester                     

Business Breakfast

13th November 2018             The Crypt School, Gloucester

2019 Mock Interviews 8.30am -1.30pm

5th February 2019      Year 11 The Cotswold School, Bourton-on-the-water
6th February 2019      Year 11 The Cotswold School, Bourton-on-the-water
4th March 2019           Year 11   Chipping Campden School                        
5th March 2019           Year 11 Chipping Campden School                
5th June 2019             Year 10 Archway School, Stroud                              
6th June 2019             Year 10 Archway School, Stroud                              
12th June 2019           Year 10 Churchdown School, Gloucester                
13th June 2019           Year 10 Churchdown School, Gloucester                 
20th June 2019           Year 10 Maidenhill School, Stonehouse

Young Entrepreneurs

15th February 2019    Year 9             The Crypt School, Gloucester 8.30am-1.30pm        

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