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Welcome to the latest STEM newsletter for STEM Ambassadors in Wales from your local STEM Ambassador Delivery Partner.  We would like to thank all the STEM Ambassadors from Wales who have dedicated their time, passion and energy to help deliver over 326,000 volunteer hours over the past year across the UK to inspire the next generation in STEM. With your help, STEM Ambassadors have engaged with 80% of secondary schools and FE colleges and 36% of primary schools, the highest-ever recorded engagement!

STEM Learning are  delighted to let you know we have entered an exciting new chapter for the STEM Ambassador programme, following continued funding by 
UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to deliver the next phase of the programme.

From October, the Hubs will be replaced by STEM Ambassadors Partners who will have new roles. See Science as the  STEM Ambassadors Partner in Wales and will focus on ensuring the support you offer goes to those in most need and supporting educator requests. 

From October, STEM Learning  will be opening a one stop shop for all your Ambassador needs. A STEM Ambassadors Support team will be handling all enquiries about the programme, coordinating all training, resources and support as well as helping you to renew your DBS/PVG when you need to.

To reflect UKRI’s public engagement strategy and goals STEM Learning  will be  creating opportunities for young people to engage with STEM research and innovation by connecting with relatable role models, alongside targeted localised support.  Please keep visiting the national  website and the STEM Ambassador Community for information on how you can get involved. 

On a more local level if anybody needs any help or support  then please get in touch

See Science  have a facebook page where we will also be sharing lots of new ideas regularly - please like or follow the page.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can support the teaching of STEM subjects.

Best wishes
The STEM Ambassador Partner Wales
@See Science

Latest STEM news and updates

Sian Richardson wins STEM Ambassador of the Year at Welsh STEM Awards

Congratulations to STEM Ambassador Sian Richardson from Ipsen Biopharm Ltd fro winning one of the top awards at tHE Welsh STEM Awards 2023. 
"On 13 October the Ipsen STEM team from Wrexham attended the Wales STEM Awards in Cardiff and I was honoured to be awarded STEM Ambassador of the Year. It was an amazing event, bringing together passionate people from across Wales in the STEM sector.

I have personally been volunteering for over 10 years now, and I still enjoy engaging with young people. My involvement in STEM activities has increased significantly over the last year, as I have taken on the responsibility of leading the STEM ambassadors team at Ipsen, who recognise the need to inspire the next generation and support young people on their STEM journeys.
Since forming, the team has grown from strength to strength, with over 30 volunteers regularly attending events. The team has dedicated 300 hours to volunteering and inspiring over 3,000 young people through STEM events and is looking forward to another successful year in 2024".

Read more here

Welsh Physics Teachers Conference in Brecon 

With a  total attendance of over 200 teachers, technicians and colleagues the  Brecon Welsh Physics Teachers Conference Conference  was as sucessful as ever. There were presentations on ‘The Stars in the Milky Way’ ‘Semiconductors now and the future’ as well as a choice of six technician and ten teacher workshops to choose from.

Meanwhile on Super Science  Saturday families were entertained and educated by Sir Isaac Newton (reincarnated for the day by Professor Mike Edmunds, President of the Royal Astronomical Society as well as a performance from south west Wales based physics teacher Ed Male, who once again morphed into ‘Harry Potter’ with some amazing and theatrical practical demos. The previous day he had shared his secrets with teacher-colleagues so expect an outbreak of Hogwarts-related practical work later this term!
The day finished with Bristol teacher David Williams showing us the effects of liquid nitrogen, including the amazing sight of liquid oxygen, being paramagnetic, held in place between some powerful neodymium magnets.
Quote of the day? Griff, aged 6, telling his mum “I want to do Physics when I grow up, can I have some books about it for my birthday?” I think we’ve recruited at least one more future scientist!

Events for STEM Ambassadors in Wales 

Are you new to volunteering?

Are youa new STEM Ambassador or  maybe you've not volunteered for a while. Perhaps you're uncertain how to approach schools, or which age groups to work with?

Then join us  on Thursday November 30th

There's a STEM Ambassador Wales online event, for all STEM Ambassadors,

Please join to this event online to learn:

- Phases of Education in Wales

- How you can link with Schools and FE Colleges

- What type of activities are most appropriate to each age group.

Book here

First Lego League 2024

The 2023-24 FIRST LEGO League MASTERPIECE season has officially begun! This season is all about putting the Art in to ‘STEAM’, with teams imagining and innovating new ways to create and communicate art across the globe. We are really excited to see all of the amazing and creative ideas that we know will be produced this season.

We are hoping to hold 4 competitions across Wales and would be grateful if STEM Ambassadors could help in the following ways
Can you mentor a team and help them with the coding etc
Can you judge at one of our competitions in March   - all information and guidance will be provided

To find out more about the competitions please contact

More information 

The  Listed Bridges of the Severn Estuary.

Saturday 11 November, 11.30am - 1pm. Newport Museum and Art Gallery

Grade 1 Listed Bridges are extremely rare. Even London has only 3 Grade 1 Listed Bridges but the Severn Estuary has 5 Grade 1 Listed bridge structures - the Severn Bridge (1966); Chepstow Bridge (1816); the Clifton Suspension Bridge (1864); our very own Newport Transporter Bridge (1906); and Clevedon Pier (1869) and 6 if Monnow Bridge (1272) at Monmouth is included.

Join John Burrows as he looks at these 6 amazing bridges and explains why they are so special and tells their story and how they are so important on the world stage.

Book here

IOP Wales Physics Teachers' Forum.

November 9th and 30th. Online

The IOP Wales Physics Teachers' Online Forum is a fantastic opportunity to join up with other teachers of physics from across Wales and beyond to share ideas and resources.

It is really enjoyable to listen in to these sessions and you can take part as much or as little as you want.

The Forum is a good opportunity to find out what colleagues in other schools are doing.

All teachers or school technicians (in fact anybody) with an interest in Physics teaching are welcome


Book here

Read more here 


Live Screening-Royal Institution Christmas Lecture
The truth behind AI- Merthyr College 

The College Merthyr Tydfil  Ynysfach, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, CF48 1AR
12 December 2023 5.30pm

We’re delighted to announce See Science are the only livestream hosts  in Wales for this year’s CHRISTMAS LECTURES from the Royal Institution. Running for almost 200 years, the CHRISTMAS LECTURES were started by Michael Faraday to inspire and engage young people with science, and this year Professor Mike Wooldridge will be exploring the truth behind Artificial Intelligence (AI), the most rapidly evolving field of science.
We are keen to Ambassadors to join us to help host this event and to bring table demonstrations with them. - more information wlll be provided by the Royal Institution.

This event is perfect for all the family! Children and people of all ages can come and watch the magic of the Lectures unfold in real time as they’re filmed in front of an audience in the Ri’s Theatre in London. They’ll have the chance to get involved with hands-on activities, and be the first to learn the truth about AI.

Not since the World-Wide Web emerged 30 years ago has a new technology promised to change our world so fundamentally and so swiftly as AI does. Today’s AI tools such as ChatGPT and AlphaGo are just a hint of what is to come. The future of AI is going to be quite a journey, and the 2023 CHRISTMAS LECTURES to be broadcast on BBC Four and iPlayer in late December, will give us a guided tour.

Across the series Michael will be joined by some major figures from the AI world, including scientists from the world’s leading AI companies. He will also introduce a range of robot friends, who will demonstrate what robots today can do – and what they can’t. Perhaps he may even surprise the audience with some Deep Fake guests who are not quite what they seem.
To register your interest in helping to host this event in Merthyr College with the STEM Ambassador Partner please go to

National Events

Chemistry Week

5th -11th November
This annual celebration of the chemical sciences coordinated by the Royal Society of Chemistry has selected the theme of 'Chemistry making the world a better place' for 2023. It is an opportunity to introduce students to the critical challenges faced by the planet and how the chemical sciences can address these. Themes could include but are not limited to clean air and water, clean energies, sustainability or climate and environment.

The activities highlighted look at:

  • the impact of plastics on the planet and possible alternatives to plastics made from fossil fuels
  • how materials can be used in a more sustainable way
  • alternative energy stores
Read more

Green Careers Week

6th-11th November
Green Careers Week aims to promote any career that helps to protect and restore the planet.

Green Careers Week has been launched by National Careers Week, with  STEM Learning and the UK Space Agency to raise awareness of green careers in every industry.

The UK government aims to reach net zero in all sectors of the economy by 2050. Net zero means the amount of greenhouse gas we take out of the environment is the same as the amount we produce. You can read more about the Net Zero Strategy.

Many jobs can make a positive impact in different ways. Any career that helps the UK work towards net zero could be considered a green career. 

Read more

Wales Climate Week. 4-8 December

Wales Climate Week provides an annual opportunity to hold a national conversation on climate change and engage a wide range of stakeholders, as well as members of the public, in important discussions that can shape government policy and influence future climate change strategies, policies and solutions. The theme for this year’s Wales Climate Week is also one of the most important questions facing our society today: – How do we tackle climate change in a fair way?

The virtual conference will be held over 5 days between 4th – 8th December to coincide with COP28, bringing together a range of climate stakeholders to consider national Government policies and regional and local delivery solutions for tackling climate change in a fair way.

Read more

Volunteering Opportunities in Wales

Mock Interviews

Penyrheol Comprehensive School, Swansea


This is a Careers Wales event where they are looking for STEM Ambassadors to support students by providing help and guidance with mock interviews. If you are interested in attending this event then please register your interest using the link here or email

Careers Presentation

Darland School, Wrexham


Five x 60 minute workshops pupils attend within a carousel.

Area of Learning experience "Health & Wellbeing" a careers related presentation and activity that fosters a positive attitude and helps prepare young people for the challenges, choices and responsibilities of life and work. If you are interested in attending this event then please register your interest using the link here or email

Marvellous Marine Biologist

Pillgwenlly Primary School, Newport


To find out about the roles and responsilbilties of a marine biologist. Change misconceptions of a scientist (not just based in a lab making potions!). If you are interested in attending this event then please register your interest using the link here or email

Careers Fair

Pentrehafod Comprehensive School, Swansea


This is a Careers Wales event which has been organised to support students with their options by providing careers advice. If you are interested in attending this event please register your interest using the link here or email

Faraday Challenge

Coedcae Comprehensive School, Llanelli


IET Faraday® Challenge Days give students the opportunity to research, design and make solutions to real-life engineering problems. Each IET Faraday® Challenge Day involves six school teams, each made up of six year 8 pupils.

The Challenge Leader will give you a role on the day. The most common roles for supporters are to respond to students’ questions about careers in engineering, to pose questions which enable the teams to reflect on and develop their ideas, provide ‘expert’ advice, if necessary, under the direction of the Challenge Leader, and to help run the shop where students purchase materials, but your role may vary depending on the needs of the day. The day is very intense so there will be no time for you to do a formal presentation, but you may wish to talk to the teachers present about ways in which you could support their school(s) in the future. If you are interested in attending this event please register your interest using the link here or email


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