Welcome to the latest STEM update  for STEM Ambassadors in Wales  from your local STEM Ambassador Hub. We are keen to ensure that opportunities are provided for you to engage in the program.
We welcome all  offers from STEM Ambassadors to help with any enrichment opportunities - please contact us directly to discuss your individual needs.

If anybody needs any help or support with this then please get in touch hayley.pincott@see-science.co.uk.

Best wishes
The STEM Ambassador Team
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Henllys CiW Primary School
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Pentrehafod Comprehensive School
Gwernyfed High School
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Windsor Clive Primary school
Chemistry at Work 
Usk Primary School
WESTJam - Scouts Regional Camp
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How to get involved in STEM activites during the month of May

There are lots of requests on the online platform - please download and visit the STEM Ambassador Hub or log into your acocunt to see current requests - your help is invaluable to us.

You can also paricipate in online events as a STEM Ambassador - please have a look at all the online activites that are available. 
Please make sure you record all your activites on your account - details of how to do this can be found here

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Can you lend a hand?
To mark the Coronation thousands of organisations across the country are getting together to give us all the chance to help out in our own local communities.
Starting on Monday 8th May there will be opportunities for everyone to join in. As a STEM Ambassador can you volunteer to help a local school or group to enthuse the next generation of learners- the more of us who join in, the bigger help.
If you can spare an hour…fantastic. A day?…amazing. If it becomes a regular thing, so much the better. If we all do a bit, it will really help a lot.
Help us to do something amazing. Join in, Lend a hand. Make a change.

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Check out our new STEM Insights magazine!

We've relaunched our magazines which are packed full of resources, blogs and tips for educators to improve your teaching! They feature dozens of QR Codes for you to access links on the go, they're easy to photocopy and have greater accessibility with various other changes including an increased font size.

We launched the STEM Insights brand last October with our popular STEM Insights Podcast - and the magazines now join them alongside STEM Community. All of these contain countless suggestions for ways to improve your teaching practice.

Read the digital version here - and contact marketing@stem.org.uk  or Hayley.pincott@see-science.co.uk if you'd like a hard copy!

Other news

We all depend on the survival of bees - National Bee Day 20 May 


Bees and other pollinators, such as butterflies, bats and hummingbirds, are increasingly under threat from human activities.

Pollination is, however, a fundamental process for the survival of our ecosystems. Nearly 90% of the world’s wild flowering plant species depend, entirely, or at least in part, on animal pollination, along with more than 75% of the world’s food crops and 35% of global agricultural land. Not only do pollinators contribute directly to food security, but they are key to conserving biodiversity.

To raise awareness of the importance of pollinators, the threats they face and their contribution to sustainable development, the UN designated 20 May as World Bee Day.Plenty of activites here : https://www.stem.org.uk/cxhno8

National Numeracy Day 17 May 2023

Building brighter futures through confidence with numbers.

Join our community of schools and organisations in time for the big day on 17th May 2023 to celebrate the numbers we use in our everyday lives!

Whether you’re promoting numeracy in a school, at home, workplace or other organisation, when you sign up you will receive a toolkit with all the free materials you need to get involved and help the nation get on with numbers.

This includes the chance to enter the Number Heroes Competition where there are prizes worth more than £6000 for schools, communities and youth groups to win. 

Find out more about training and workshops


National opportunities for STEM Ambassadors

Welcome to STEM Spotlight.  You need to be a member of the STEM Community to gain access to STEM Spotlight. You can log in to the Community or register to join here: https://community.stem.org.uk/ 

The purpose of these sessions is to facilitate member to member discussion similar to a TeachMeet.  They will shine a spotlight onto a specific element of the curriculum for example climate education or pedagogical approaches to learning and teaching.  If you have a suggestion for a spotlight or would like to volunteer to host a session please email community@stem.org.uk Our next STEM Spotlight features Francis Jones discussing strategies to help the most challenging students develop their science capital. It's at 4pm on Wednesday 10 May - read his blog on this subject.

school students to see research and innovation as relevant to them and their lives with I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!
STEM Ambassadors are invited to connect with classes across the UK in live, instant messaging-style Chats, and answer their follow-up questions, in April and May 2023.
I’m a Scientist is an enjoyable, online, student-led engagement activity that requires no preparation and no travel time!
Engage students from over 30 schools, including those who, through location, are typically missed by face-to-face outreach activities.
STEM Ambassadors in research and innovation-related roles can find out more, and apply to take part, here: I’m a Scientist and STEM Ambassadors

Volunteering Opportunities in  Wales - online

STEM Ambassador Wales Hub event: How to engage with Schools and Colleges. Wednesday 3 May 11-12 noon. Online

Education in Wales is devolved and we want as many STEM Ambassadors in Wales to engage with as many schools as possible.

Please join to this event online to learn:

  • Phases of Education in Wales
  • How you can link with Schools and FE Colleges
  • What type of activities are most appropriate to each age group.

This session is being run by Louise Thomas, who is the Schools and Colleges Liaison Coordinator for the STEM Ambassador Hub (Wales). Book here.

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Making toothpaste - a STEM activity for Primary teachers. Wednesday 3 May, 4-5pm. Online

This session will be repeated in Welsh on May 15th. Bring some chemistry into your primary classroom with this fun, straightforward practical activity.

You will see just how easy it is to make your own toothpaste and we will suggest how your pupils can then investigate the toothpaste to test whether or not it actually works!

Making toothpaste could be a stand alone activity or we'll show you how it could be the start of your pupils' CREST Awards journey.

All those who register will receive an ingredient list beforehand so that you can opt to do the experiment along with us. You will also receive a video of the session afterwards.

Book here for the English session.

Book here for the Welsh session.

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STEM Ambassadors: This Is Me. Wednesday 10 May 3.45-4.30pm. Online

This Is Me sessions are an opportunity for teachers to see the benefits of bringing a STEM Ambassador into the classroom.

Teachers will have the opportunity to meet a few STEM Ambassadors and find out about the types of activities they can bring into the classroom. It will offer a chance for teachers to discuss the benefits of bringing STEM Ambassadors into the classroom to support topics and projects that could be covered in the new curriculum for Wales.

*If you are unable to attend this live event but have registered, then a recording of the session will be made available to you.  Book here.

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RSC: Embedding careers into your science lessons. Tuesday 6 June, 4–5pm. Online

Would you like some ideas about how to bring chemical science careers into your teaching? Come along and explore some of our resources and discuss different ideas about how to use them and make chemistry careers relevant. During this interactive session we will highlight some of our career resources and present different approaches about how to bring careers into different topics within progression steps 4 and 5 in the Curriculum for Wales.  There will be an opportunity to discuss with other teachers what methods work and what other information or resources would be useful in the classroom.

Details and booking here.

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Primary Science Teaching Trust
Invited guest experts from Explorify, the Institute of Physics (IOP), Nottingham University and NUSTEM, plus  PSTT colleagues will be delivering sessions.  

All sessions are from 16:00-16:45.


Your local STEM Ambassador Hub requests

Henllys CiW Primary School, NP44 6JA
The Environment
9 May 2023

The pupils are going to investigate how man's actions are having an impact on the environment, both on a local and global scale.We are looking at the issues of stainability and global footprint. We want the children to understand the impact man is having and the choices we can make and how they can make a difference locally and globally. Any workshop for presentation from a STEM Ambassador would be welcome
To express interest contact ambassadors@see-science.co.uk or click here

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Ysgol y Grango Wrexham, LL14 1EL

STEM  Careers Advice - spped Networking

4 May 2023

The format of the workshop is rather like speed-networking, it will help students to develop their communication skills and confidence, particularly questioning and listening skills. In this workshop, small groups of students will ask each of our guest mentors a range of questions about their life and work. This is a relaxed and enjoyable way of developing students' confidence and communication skills. Half year group in the morning and the remainder in the afternoon.To express an interest contact ambassadors@see-science.co.uk or click here

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Pentrehafod Comprehensive  School, Swansea SA1 2NN

STEM  Careers Advice - spped Networking

4- 5 May 2023

The event  is about raising aspirations and being the best that you can be. STEM Ambassadors can discuss their career journey and life lessons they have learnt to be successful. Career pathways etc. The assemblies are from 08:30 – 09:00. 4th May: Yr 8 assembly 5th May: Yr 7 assemblyTo express an interest contact ambassadors@see-science.co.uk or click here

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Gwernyfed High  School, LD3 0SG
Energy Quest
16th June - 7 July
Energy Quest is a 2-hour workshop developed by Engineering UK to promote Engineering in all its forms to KS3 pupils. It will be running at Gwernyfed High School on 4 consecutive Friday afternoons: 16th, 23rd and 30th of June and 7th of July. If a STEM Ambassador could support one or more of the sessions, that would be great. A facilitator will run the workshop. The STEM Ambassador would be required to support pupils doing the practical activity (fruit battery) then give a brief 5 minute talk on their own role followed by a Q&A session."
To express interest contact ambassadors@see-science.co.uk or click here

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Porthcawl Comprehensive School, CF36 3ES
Mock Interviews 

4 July 2023


To provide students with life skills they can take into their work life.There will be a series of mock interview sessions held at Porthcawl Comprehensive School which STEM Ambassadors are invited to attend to support and offer advice to students. Please do get in touch if you wish to find out a little more or to register your interest.To express interest contact ambassadors@see-science.co.uk or click here

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Castell Alun High School, Wrexham LL12 9PY


9/11/22 - 12/7/23

The STEM club is in its infancy and so I am looking for ambassadors willing to interact with students about the importance of their jobs and to give insight into the STEM world of work. I will be running specific activities in accordance with the Science Calendar but currently am looking for willing community members happy to be a contact and to possibly get involved with more specific activities to be planned.

To express an interest contact ambassadors@see-science.co.uk or click here

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Windsor Clive  Primary School, CF44 6LA
Forces and Pulleys
Flexible Dates
One of the year three classes has  a request. They are studying the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch - forces - pulley system. They would like an end of term project in the playground around May time. To express interest contact ambassadors@see-science.co.uk or click here

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Chemistry at Work - Thursday, 6 July at Swansea University

Professor Simon Bott and his team at Swansea University Chemistry Department will once again host a face to face Chemistry at Work Day for year 9.

Pupils will take part in 4 different hands-on workshops throughout the day where they have the opportunity to carry out practical chemistry activities in the department's state of the art labs.

Chemistry at Work days, funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry, aim to provide pupils with a better understanding and awareness of the importance of chemistry in our everyday lives and to highlight the variety of chemical science careers.

We would like STEM Ambassadors to assist with workshops and help presenters duriung the day

To book or for more information contact llinos.misra@see-science.co.uk

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Usk Primary School, Usk NP5 1SE

STEM Based Curriculum

7/11/22 - 21/7/23

This year (2022-2023), our school are delivering a curriculum that is STEM based:  Making a Difference project (Apr-May) Be Healthy, Be Happy project (Jun-Jul). If you think you could be involved with any of these, please get in touch. We are looking for people to enthuse and engage our learners, show them that a career in STEM is possible for them and most of all show them that STEM is meaningful and enjoyable. We are trying to pack our curriculum with visitors and visits to make science and technology come alive. If practical and hands on then all the better. Direct contact: Alice Dougal dougala1@hwbcymru.net

To express an interest contact ambassadors@see-science.co.uk or click here

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WESTJam - Scouts Regional Camp NP11 4QZ
Camarthenshire County Showground
23-25 June 2023
Vikki Phillips (Scouts) is arranging a regional camp in June 2023 -  we are looking for activities for the Saturday and Sunday. She is organising the adventure zone and would love to include activities that the young people don't usually take part in. The activities will be for ages 4years through to 18years but we are aware that not everyone will get to do everything due to suitability. Activities will run from 10am until 4pm on Saturday and 10am until 1pm on the Sunday. The organisers are looking for activities around the adventure theme but more than happy for this to include Stem activities, particularly with Army or forces activities, the ICE bridge, any outdoor type activities that may include Stem, activities can be flexible. Organisers can offer an area for providers to camp with own equipment for free and also for catering for a small additional charge per person..
To express interest contact ambassadors@see-science.co.uk or click here

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Online/Ysgol Bro Dinefwr, SA19 6PE

Gold CREST Award mentoring

25/1/23 - 19/7/23

To support small groups of pupils in completing the Crest Gold award. I have 5 groups of MAT pupils completing the Crest Gold award at post-16. I would like each group to have a mentor they could contact to support them with the completion of their projects. The projects are: • Measuring the efficiency of different aeroplane wing shapes • Investigating crash damage • Investigating aerodynamic sails • Designing and making a roller coaster • Investigating food fraud

To express interest contact ambassadors@see-science.co.uk or click here

Engaging with partners across the UK

Anxious Reactions: How can chemical scientists engage the public with the climate crisis?
This hybrid workshop will explore the roles and responsibilities of chemical scientists in communicating climate change with different groups. We will consider how emotions like anxiety, frustration, hope, and guilt complicate this task – both for scientists and the public – and how we might navigate them. Participants will work together to develop actionable engagement plans for a range of experts involved in climate-related research and communication.
Please note that you are welcome to attend even if you are not an RSC member, and you can type ‘n/a’ into the membership number field upon registration.
Please register here. Please register by 16/05/2023.
Date: May 26th
Time: 11:00am – 2:00pm
Location: Online and in person at Burlington House

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Bee engaged: Celebrating the diversity of bees and beekeeping  systems

20 May 2022, 13:00–14:45 CEST
Agenda Register | Webcast

Beekeeping is a widespread and global activity, with millions of beekeepers depending on bees for their livelihoods and well-being. Together with wild pollinatoWorld Bee Day 2022 posterrs, bees play a major role in maintaining biodiversity, ensuring the survival and reproduction of many plants, supporting forest regeneration, promoting sustainability and adaptation to climate change, improving the quantity and quality of agricultural productions.

This year FAO will celebrate World Bee Day through a virtual event, under the theme ‘Bee Engaged: Celebrating the diversity of bees and beekeeping systems’

The event will raise awareness on the importance of the wide variety of bees and sustainable beekeeping systems, the threats and challenges they face and their contribution to livelihoods and food systems.

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Careers Crash Course Webinar for KS4 and KS5 - 10th May 2023 at 11am or 4:30pm.

The London STEM Ambassador Hub are hosting a live Webinar to provide KS4 and KS5 pupils with the opportunity to meet some of London's STEM Ambassadors to hear them share their experiences and ask them their career-related questions. Click here to get tickets.