Wales Tree of the Year 2020 (photo ©sianashton)

The Ancient fern- leaved beech tree at the Cistercian Abbey of Margam 

Schools out for Summer! Fond memories of that feeling many pupils enjoy in July.
The Summer of STEM is warming up too.

We have fabulous success stories to report from last term. And STEM Ambassadors can continue to participate over the Summer with webinars, training, Masterclasses and events for community groups.

All offers of Masterclasses training and webinars will be welcomed!

Your Ambassador profile 

A huge variety of opportunities in Wales and elsewhere can be found by signing into your profile at

 ‘Express’ interest to be placed in contact with the organiser or teacher. Online is accessible in any Hub area.

This month I’ve included online opportunities in other regions and welcome your own ideas to run a Masterclass or Webinar too!
We all hope the new term will prove less strenuous and safe for teachers, pupils and STEM Ambassador participation.

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Wishing you a great Summer



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STEM Ambassador opportunities




Merthyr Science Festival: Connecting a Community 

The Merthyr Science Festival is led by the inspiring founder Dr Claire Price, a STEM Ambassador and award winning researcher at Swansea University.
The festival reaches across the Community areas of Merthyr Tydfil bringing a vast range of expertise and family friendly STEM events to areas where Science Capital is not always high.

Now in it’s 3rd year the community festival moved online in 2020 and 2021 to observe Welsh Government Covid 19 regulations 
This year it  ran from 16 – 18 July, including STEM Ambassadors as presenters, co-ordinators and in new roles as Festival moderators for the You Tube content and discussion platform.

The Festival has an active Twitter page and impressive You Tube channel

Recordings of demonstrations and talks are available after the live Festival has ended.


Osbaston on the Nile - with STEM Ambassadors!

Teacher Mike Marley was seeking STEM support for the Yr 5 topic ‘Ancient Egypt’ 

How creative can Ambassadors be in the new approach to bring STEM into every topic including history?
Step forward Rob, Ben and Ross from Babcock Engineering!
The team suggested a design and build activity. Rafts were key to transport on the Nile in Ancient Egypt. The team then extended the topic to modern boat design and engineering.
With resources kindly supplied by Babcock, the pupils enjoyed and learned from a superb presentation including their own hand build rafts which were tested on water tanks.

‘A massive diolch yn fawr to Rob, Ben and Ross from #BabcockInternational. Year 5 had a fab STEM day looking at the buoyancy of different materials and then designed, created, tested, improved and decorated their own boats. 

STEM Ambassadors from Archaeology at Cardiff University and the Egypt Centre in Swansea also contributed to a full spectrum of STEM experience at the end of the Summer Term

Hi Sian,
Yesterday was a success and we all enjoyed the day, STEM Ambassadors included!
Thank you to yourself and everyone involved for making yesterday happen.
Rob Bowen STEM Ambassador

Photos c/o Osbaston Primary teacher

Osbaston Church in Wales School

Osbaston class session

Forces, boats, materials and design plans


The Dell Primary explores Space

The Dell Primary in Chepstow have enjoyed the huge learning benefits this term from the loan of STEM resources. STEM Learning kits have enabled teacher Matthew Nicholas to provide much needed practical activities for his yr 4 pupils. The classes embarked on a Space theme project called ‘Out of this world’ which was ideally complemented by STEM’s  Space Case kit.

To add extra support STEM Ambassador coordinator suggested a STEM Ambassador ‘visit’. Ambassador Nick Busby then offered the class an Astronomy talk and video session.

Mr Nicholas was keen to explore new opportunities, and enthusiastically took up the Coordinator’s offer of a Lego EV3 kit. 
They are now planning Robotics workshops with the support of BCS Computer Science STEM Ambassadors next term.


The Dell Primary School

“Good afternoon Sian,

I've just managed to have a look at the space case and it's great!

We've used the Space Case this afternoon and the children loved it! It was so good to have everything available and the guidance that came with it was great too. The other class will be using it tomorrow so it should all be ready for you next week. 

‘Y4 have been exploring what materials would be most suitable for the @esa Orion Project.

Lots of great discussion and investigating going on!’

We would definitely be interested in a Lego workshop!” Mr Nicholas


An Eye for Electronics at Osbaston Primary

STEM Ambassador Trevor Clarke responded to a request for 'Kaleidoscope' the science of light at Osbaston Primary.

Trevor has developed a workshop on 'The Electronic Eye' where pupils assemble LED 'eyes' on. breadboard sensitive to light intensity.

Trevor neatly extended the learning experience to the evolution of sight taking the pupils through the animal kingdom where simple eyesight evolves to binocular and night vision.

He presented 4 sessions to yrs 4 and 5 pupils. As expected the session was a complete success for teacher and pupils alike

Thanks for your hospitality last Friday: from my perspective, it seemed to go quite well, and the children engaged for most of the morning.
Trevor Clarke

Thanks again Trevor. The children and I loved it. They found it tricky but it was good to see then persevering! 

The electronic kits I had at their age were easier to use: those breadboards need good hand to eye coordination. Sometimes I use tweezers or pliers to grip the components, but I thought that they would be ok without.

Teacher Caroline Hughes


STEM Ambassador opportunities


Training activities and Webinars across the Network

A new curriculum for Wales: STEM Ambassador Training 
14th September 4pm

Join us for an interactive and informative session presented with The Royal Society of Chemistry colleagues 

The session introduces the key features in the new curriculum offering you insight to increase your impact as a STEM Ambassador.
With special guest Ambassador from Scotland on working with the Scotland curriculum                                                    We explore how your role will 

• create new opportunities
 • support the progression of all students 
 • innovate and inspire teachers to maximise STEM Ambassador input 

All regional Ambassadors welcome

Brilliant Butterflies with Central South Hub

Central South England Hub will be running a project called 'Brilliant Butterflies - A story of transformation, wellbeing and discovering the value of our precious green spaces'. Like the panto, we are producing a short film (this time in partnership with Butterfly Conservation) plus a series of curriculum-linked and family focussed activities. 

One of our resources will be an environmental-themed online careers board; we're looking for STEM Ambassadors who work in an environmental field of any kind to contribute to the board. They can add text, photos, short videos, documents, links etc. This will be shared with primary teachers who can then share it with their students. 

All posts will be moderated before approval.  The platform link for Ambassadors to take part is:


The Science Behind Nuclear Submarines

Wednesday 10th November 2021, 16:00 – 17:00


Join STEM NOW and Midge, a STEM Ambassador and Nuclear Engineer for the Royal Navy. Book at

In this Masterclass Midge will cover:

  • His career journey and role as a Submariner & Engineer

  • KS1 - Buoyancy - Ever wondered how a 7000 Tonne Metal Submarine dives and returns safely, under control, to the surface when required?
Making Maths Fun for KS2, Wednesday 22nd September 2021, 16:00 – 17:00

Maths really is fun, even algebra! But if you ask a class of year 6 students, very few will say they enjoy it. How can we change that and make maths fun for them?

STEM Ambassador Garry Packer shares his experience of running a series of pattern and shape maths workshops with KS2 classes to try and change children’s perception of maths, and how these were adapted to use online with classes. 

He will also share some outline lesson plans so you can try these at your local Primary School.
Come and join the maths fun!

This event is for Teachers/Educators and Approved STEM Ambassadors.
Book a free ticket here.

All  Wales opportunties 

Are you interested in helping disadvantaged students progress into STEM careers? 

This is the STEM activity for you!  As a STEM Ambassador with Enhanced DBS, you are eligible to mentor students with flexible time as your availability allows. 
The Mullany Fund is a social mobility organisation based at Swansea University. They run an online mentoring programme for young people, living in Wales, to provide them with support with their studies, future career paths and, where appropriate, accessing higher education.  Students are yr 9 – 13 (14 – 19 yrs old) 
Students joining the scheme are from Swansea, Neath Port Talbot, Merthyr, Bridgend and Rhondda Cynon Taf, and now accessing three schools in North Wales! 
Mullany are seeking volunteer online mentors to expand and diversify their Mentor Bank. Mentors are offered training. T
The next session runs from the 27th September until the 11th December 2021.  You sign up here:

Please get in touch with if you have any questions

Science of Myths and Legends
Wednesday August 18th 12pm – 1pm

15 – 20 minute talk from each Ambassador online
Join as audience or presenter 

Nature provided a rich source of belief and mystery in days gone by.
Odin, Thor and Zeus produced lightening and thunderbolts 
The Valkyrie rode the skies to make the Northern lights and the Kraken was the monster of the seas
Was there a scientific explanation? We are seeking STEM Ambassadors who can explain a Myth or Legend in the 21st century!
Any legend of choice all welcome!

The audience will be Community Group leaders and fellow Ambassadors


Techniquest video Q&A for disadvantaged and diversity pupils

Techniquest is delivering a programme of STEM activities with young people in disadvantaged areas and categorised as underserved over the summer holiday period.
The programme is aimed at disadvantaged backgrounds and BAME.
They need role models in these categories to do a short video – showing that people like them can have a successful STEM career. Research has shown that positive role models have a real impact.  


Action on Climate Emergency Festival 20th – 26th September

STEM Ambassadors can play leading roles in this new Festival in Monmouth

Community groups, businesses and individuals are coming together from all over Monmouth to share what they are doing to make a difference. 

If you are Ambassador involved in Climate Science, Sustainability, Recycling or any Green Economy strategy this will be the event for you!

The online form we are using for booking in events here – the password is Fe$tiv@l. 

You can participate in any way you wish – evenings and the weekend is available too

Space will be available in the town and square – events are still being added! 

Technocamps Technotalks seeking Welsh Speaking Ambassadors 
Recording dates to suit Ambassadors

Technotalks, is the new podcast from Technocamps. 

Each week, we talk to inspiring people in STEM careers to discuss what their job involves, how they ended up where they are and any exciting new technology in their field. We want to inspire young people to consider STEM careers and learn more about the opportunities available to you.

The videos will be sent to an audience of 11-16/18 year old pupils and further to teachers and parents registered 

Have a Go - workshop leaders for Engineering, Construction and Green Energy 

Dates with schools to suit Ambassadors 

Inspiring Skills Excellence in Wales has developed a series of workshops for Yr 8/ 9 supported by Coleg Sir Gar

This is an opportunity for STEM Ambassadors to lead on-line workshops with teachers and pupils.

Many secondary schools are signed up seeking Ambassadors as guides. In schools visits considered for next term.

They seek support for STEM with:

  • Engineering workshops in hydraulics
  • Welding
  • Construction and Green Energy workshops.

    Here is a link to the HaG kit which shows the different kits on offer:

Schools and South Wales 


Technotastic at Tonyrefail Community Primary
Autumn Term
CF39 8HG 

Teacher Ryan is seeking Ambassadors to enrich the topic of Technotastics.

These workshops would ideally be delivered to year 5/6 children (two year 5 and two year 6 classes of roughly 25 each). Flexible dates arranged and possible online / video call talks offered


Greenpower Goblin – help to complete our car!
Tonyrefail Community Primary

Autumn Term
CF39 8HG

Teacher Ryan has a team of pupils who have partially built a Greenpower Goblin racing car
Greenpower Goblin is a go-kart sized electric car. Pupils assemble and finish the car with a sustainable bodywork. The car is then driven in a finals competition

Ryan’s team would greatly value help in completing the car next term (any time suitable and availability to Ambassador’s preference.



A & E at Brynmawr School 1st October 
Visit or Assembly talk
NP23 4XT

Teacher Rachel is organising a theme around A&E in the Grange Hospital. 

The topic teaches pupils about cells, tissues and anatomy of males and female reproduction. The topic also looks at scans and diagnosing problems. 

It would be great to have someone with experience in the field and able to talk about what it is like to work in medicine. 
She would like to challenge the stereotype that "Doctors are men and nurses are women" 

We would be looking for a visit or an assembly if possible

CSI at Brynmawr School Autumn Term
NP23 4XT 

Rachel is seeking support for ‘CSI Brynmawr’

They are using basic forensic techniques e.g. fingerprinting, soil testing, blood splatter analysis etc. 

Rachel is seeking STEM Ambassadors with experience in forensics. We would like to enhance our scheme of learning and bring in more technical forensic techniques and practical skills. 

This could be DNA analysis or DNA profiling to give our pupils a better understanding of what it is like to work in forensic science

Outdoor Science Event 11th September 
Between 10.30am and 3pm (any time of choice)

National Botanic Garden of Wales
SA32 8HN

STEM Ambassadors are welcome to join ASE Cymru and colleagues for the first event of the academic calendar at the National Botanic Garden of Wales in Llanarthne.

As a STEM Ambassador you will have entry to the event and Gardens where during the event you can support any of the STEM stands on Botany, CREST, and pond dipping for as much time as you wish

Great Inventors Project 
Waunfawr Primary 
NP11 7PG 

Teacher Cara’s autumn first half term project is "Who am I?"- around great inventors in the past and present, the skills and tools needed, and what and how they design and build. 

We want to promote engineering as an activity and career option, and ideally if this talk could be practical then it would help to show possibilities.

STEM Facilitation Project September dates in agreement with Ambassador

Ebbw Vale Cluster Primaries
Ebbw Vale,
np23 6gl 

Louise is Team Leader of a STEM Facilitation Project working with the Primary Cluster.

The project aims to engage children in STEM as early as possible to allow them to raise their aspirations and ambitions to aim for higher skilled jobs that are being created in their area. 

They are looking for Ambassadors to work with our cluster to enhance the delivery of some areas of STEM. 

This could be a one-off or a range of activities - the project is flexible and is based on the needs of the schools. The project is funded by Welsh Government as part of the Tech Valleys programme.


Schools Mid and North Wales 


To Infinity and Beyond: Space themes
September – December dates of choice

Ysgol Porth Y Felin,
Llanrwst Road,
LL32 8FZ 

Teacher Lowri is seeking any STEM Ambassadors to assist with presentations, challenges, talks and workshops. The whole school is following 'To Infinity and Beyond' as a theme. This could cover: 

Space travel
Life in space
Possibility of alien life 
Any other suggestions!



Space Themed Project Ysgol Craig Y Don
LL30 1TR 

Teacher Amy will have Space as her theme for September year 3 and 4 classes. 

The pupils would love to work with a STEM ambassador to create a practical project

A possibility could be something to do with the robots that are looking around the moon, telescopes, ANYTHING! 

They are very excited to hear any offers. Diolch yn fawr!


Mock Interviews: Friday 3rd September 
By Teams video link

9.30 – 2pm (time of choice)

Ysgol Calon Cymru 
Builth Wells

Year 12 and 13 pupils will be taking part in Mock interviews 
STEM Ambassadors are keenly sought as Interviewers. Each interview will be about 15 mins long.
You will be provided with their CV and sample questions
Times can be offered according to your availability



Insight into outdoor jobs and volunteering: 

Ysgol Penmaes Brecon

Video call session on date of choice

Penmaes School provide a super education experience for pupils with Additional Learning Needs
Their secondary pupils are very keen to hear about working in the outdoor environment. Either as a job opportunity or as a volunteer.

STEM Ambassador will be warmly welcome to offer a short talk for the class explaining their work. Classes have from 6 – 12 pupils.

North Wales Digital Skills Festival 
Minecraft presentation to Primary pupils
November date tbc

We are looking for an individual who is willing to do a session for Primary school pupils as part of the North Wales Digital Skills Festival in November.
Ideally a Welsh speaker could assist with a parallel session.
 If an Ambassador is interested please let me know and feel free to offer to a Welsh speaking colleague if they wish to take part