Festive Greetings Ambassadors 

We approach this season of celebration in circumstances rarely experienced in living memory. 
In the past, these events have coursed through our societies with an even more devastating cost on lives. Though this does not minimise the impact or alleviate our sombre reflection on a year which has seen a global pandemic cast a shadow on every population.

In the battle of species against species we have always relied on sciences, health professionals and faith – with those who are prepared to step forward to research and build our defences united against the silent and unseen. Inheriting the standard from ancient natural science, STEM Ambassadors are a critical part of this frontline defence, and have raised the profile in so many ways reaching out through their work, research, volunteering, including transition to online support.

To raise your importance in this valued programme, please remember to log all your engagement and keep involved in our network to light a path for future generations,

Warm wishes for a peaceful holiday







STEM Ambassador opportunities






The STEM Hub  Festive Countdown

Image ©The STEM Hub Canterbury Christ Church University

We are now far more connected with the neighbouring Ambassador Hubs we can take part in their STEM activities online and share in the STEM experience.

If you haven’t bought an Advent Calendar you can still enjoy many of the wonderful free STEM Advents online.

 The STEM Hub  (South East England) asked for contributions across the network: several Wales Ambassadors offered wonderful ‘present box days’ 

Enjoy opening each day online at: https://thestemhub.org.uk/index.php/festive-challenge
See if you can identify any from Wales!

Follow Hub Wales Advent on twitter @SeeScience


Dr Claire Price Royal Society of Biology Award

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Dr Claire Price a STEM Ambassador and Researcher at Swansea University was the winner of the Royal Society of Biology Outreach and Engagement Award for an Established Researcher. Claire works at the Centre for Cytochrome P450 Biodiversity at Swansea University.

Project managing the first Bitesize Science Festival in her home town of Merthyr Tydfil, Summer of 2019 – Claire created the first science festival of its kind in the town, and one of the first few to be held outside a university city. Several Ambassadors supported the inaugural Festival.

Photo ©wales247.co.uk 


2020 Space Odyssey - Mark Smith at Fenton Primary Haverfordwest 

During the brief interval between Summer and the next lockdown, STEM Ambassador Mark Smith was one of the last Ambassadors to visit a school in person this year.

Mark visited the year group 5 & 6 over 3 days as pupil numbers in each class were restricted.
He presented a journey through space with practical activities for pupils on gravity and experiments.
Clearly we hope next year will bring us opportunities to resume school visits in person, when safety and regulations allow.

Fenton Community Primary School

Sep 24
What a Space Odyssey! A huge thank you to David from The Darwin Centre and Astrophysicist Dr Mark Smith for a fascinating journey through space. We love space! 

Talking Heads: STEM Ambassador Biographies


A new series of Biographies from STEM Ambassadors will feature in the newsletter. Please get in touch if you would like to contribute. It will count as an Activity!


Dr Heidi Phillips
I have been a doctor working in the NHS for the past 25 years. I am a GP, with a special interest in neurodiversity, and an Associate Professor for Primary Care within Swansea University Medical School.

 I am one of the team that oversees the teaching and learning of medical students and Physician’s Associates. 

 I have wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. I became a doctor because I genuinely love people and I genuinely want to make a difference to people’s lives. How better to do this than through studying medicine? Science underpins medicine. All the innovations that we use every day are as a result of science. From blood tests to Xrays, from painkillers to cancer treatments. The equipment we use to diagnose and drugs we use to treat. 
Medicine IS science but it is more than science. Medicine is essentially the application of scientific knowledge in order to make a difference to people’s lives. 

I am passionate about equality. In 2019 I was awarded the BMA Teaching and Learning Innovation Award and the overall Clinical teacher of the Year Award for my work on widening access to medicine and developing recruitment initiatives in primary care and in under-served communities.
My favourite part as a STEM ambassador? Supporting those students who want to become Tomorrow’s Doctors. 

Masterclass with Steve Lloyd: Listening to Data

Steve has worked for many years as an Antarctica Researcher. He gave us a wonderful insight into the changing climate of this unique continent, illustrated by graphical data translated as as acoustics

Masterclasses provide an opportunity to develop and share your skills in presenting online


STEM Ambassador opportunities: requests and training


Most STEM activities are now taking place online. You can take part in activities from any location! 

There are many training sessions available which count as 'activity' with no preparation required 

I will update you locally but check via your STEM Ambassador profile for suitable activities in any Hub area

Training sessions for Ambassadors


 Energysparks and Egni Co-op

Training event for STEM Ambassadors January 

6 Primary schools in Pembrokeshire have been funded with Solar Panels as part of their Energysparks project 

The project will then be rolled out across Wales when available.

Teachers and pupils will be using the Energysparks database to monitor cost and energy saving 

They would love to connect with STEM Ambassadors to help with talks / researching the data and graphical information

An information session for STEM Ambassadors will be arranged in January with Leader Paula Malone – no commitment required but a useful taster on this innovative project for the Pembrokeshire school cluster


STEM Ambassador Training - Roving With Rosalind Tuesday 19 January 4.30pm – 6.30pm

  • Ambassadors from across the UK, particularly those interested in space and     astronomy, are invited to an online training to learn more about the excellent Roving with Rosalind outreach project which provides STEM kits to schools to work on activities relating to mars exploration.
  • The activities are aimed at children aged between 7 and 14 in disadvantaged and rural areas, who often have limited opportunities to participate in science outreach activities. 

BAME event planning meeting 
For a Wales school event

Date to suit availability of STEM Ambassadors

A STEM Ambassador in Wales is very keen to host an event with pupils / schools focussed on positive STEM role models in the BAME community
We welcome Ambassadors from any region.

We are planning a preliminary discussion during the week commencing 6 January to share ideas and plan a way to make a difference to perceptions of STEM as inclusive of BAME STEM professionals.

Presentation Skills for Ambassadors

26th January and 19 February 12.15pm - 1.30pm

Dr Kerry Baker presents a practical guide to delivering presentations.

Focused mainly on face to face presentations but with aspects that are relevant to any type of delivery, Kerry shall provide some tips and tricks for delivering presentations with impact.

Join us to develop your communication and presentation skills with this training. Free for STEM Ambassadors! 


STEM Ambassador requests


Date: to be confirmed with Ambassadors

I’m are seeking 4 Ambassadors to take part in a LIVE video event offering a short 15 – 20-minute talk / presentation / activity.

We will follow the themes of 

Science or Engineering
Science or Engineering

You may want to talk about stars, comets or conjunction of planets, the chemistry of gold, fluorescence, time or any inspiring theme / demo
Attendees will be teachers, community group leaders and fellow STEM Ambassadors 


Spotlight on Industry sessions – online 

A new series online for Teachers and STEM Ambassadors to gain insight into Wales based Industries, Services or Organisations.

The first sessions have been planned, please get in touch if you are interested to showcase your employer!

The 1 hour session will include:

  • An insight into your work / employer
  • How you support STEM in schools and communities
  • Employment and careers routes

Spotlight on TrioSci Cymru Wednesday January 13th 2pm (online)


Dr Liam Thomas leads the TrioSci Cymru project at Cardiff University. The project has immense and important impact of supporting the future career development of young pupils in Wales.

Liam, as an experienced Science Communicator will introduce us to the projects aims and progress. He will offer a valuable insight into the STEM activities which are bringing a fresh perspective to STEM and career choices for schools in the TrioSci programme

Electricity / Magnetism at Golden Grove Primary Pembroke

Online via Teams / Zoom

Teacher Hannah is seeking a STEM Ambassador for a session on Electricity and / or Magnetism. This can be offered online as an alternative while external visits are restricted. Any dates can be discussed. Session by Zoom or Team

Outdoor STEM at Porth Y Felin 

Spring Term 
LL32 8FZ

Teacher Hannah is seeking a STEM Ambassador for a session on Electricity and / or Magnetism. This can be offered online as an alternative while external visits are restricted. Any dates can be discussed. Session by Zoom or Team

Bangor Ocean Science Careers event online 

An invitation to participate in an online careers event to replace the careers fair year for ocean sciences students (studying marine biology, oceanography and/or marine geology and geography).

Katrien is seeking virtual exhibitors, representing your company and to advise our students about the job market, your institute and/or your own personal experience in the job market.

To participate, please:

Let me know which Wednesday afternoons in March and at the end of April you are available between 13:30 and 14:30.

* By January 13th: share a video (maximum 7 minutes long) that is addressed specifically to our ocean sciences students. You can include advice and info about the job market, your own institution and/or your own experience as you progressed your career yourself (the latter is always of great interest to the students as well).


International Young Water Professionals Conference Cardiff 7 April 2021

The organiser is delighted to offer STEM Ambassadors the opportunity to exhibit, free of charge, at this conference on 7th - 8th April. 

This is an opportunity to meet young professionals in the water sector from all over the UK.


Video for King Henry V111 virtual Careers Fair
To be sent by January 4th

This year’s careers event will be held as a virtual experience for pupils.

Teache Karen Birch is seeking Ambassadors to record a brief video, approx. 2 mins in length, talking about your career and what it entails, including the route into it and possible qualifications required.  

They will create a Prezi presentation with all the different careers and include your videos along with factfiles and any other information you may wish to provide.  

Your videos to be sent by January 4th as this email address is able to receive larger video files. 
Many thanks in anticipation of your support. 


Innovation for the Future
Science Week 5th – 11th March 2021
Maes Yr Haul Primary


  • Teacher Helena is very keen to continue the fantastic engagement with STEM Ambassadors

  • She is hopeful that by March visits will be possible in person

  • Alternative arrangements possible too

  • If you can offer a short classroom presentation / workshop please let me know


Healthy Living / Human Bodies
St Julians Primary 
NP16 7UB

Online or at school site (if permitted next term)
Dates to suit Ambassador

  • Teacher Louise Robinson is keen to host STEM Ambassador sessions on either the Human Body or Healthy Living
  • This could be a talk or short challenge for the pupils
  • Pupils are yr 6 (9 – 10yrs old)
  • Any relevant topic welcomed

Roller Coaster and Theme Parks: Engineering, Physics, any related STEM support
Virtual or at School by agreement
After Christmas Holidays

Ysgol Pen Y Bryn
Colwyn Bay 

Teacher Ben Fawcett is leading his pupils through a KNEX Roller Coaster activity next term

He would love to book a STEM Ambassador for a talk, assist by video link to add expertise and pupils engagement in the activity 

'Reach for the Stars' STEM Event  8th February 2021

Online with Llantwit Major School

Open to all Ambassadors with relevant expertise in Space, Modern Foreign Languages, Engineering and Creative skills.

Virtual Event for More Able and Talented Y9-11 pupils to inspire them to aim high. 

A diverse timetable that encompasses everything from astrophysics to language learning. 

Although they would like someone involved in the creative industry (whether it be something like reporting on world events, designing clothing for extreme environments, filming or photographing ‘space’ – we could take any approach).

They also would welcome someone from a profession more STEM related who could help link up with the ‘space’ theme, so it could be a profession such as engineering (considering issues of thrust etc) or something totally different!

Put the Skill in Stem. All Wales delivering to schools in North Wales

  • Put the Engineering in Stem: Feb 9th (Workshop by EESW)
  • Put the Maths in Stem: April 20th (Run by M-sprac)

Students will be given a series of opportunities offering a greater understanding of that sector.

Each event will take place during the school day to ensure pupils in Yr 9/10 can take part.

Before each event we would present a 10 mins Ted Style Talk to inspire our young people connect and understand the context of each event. 

These would be delivered by a prominent employer relating to  the subject area on  future jobs/ careers which relate to Anglesey, Gwynedd and Conwy area and making clear link with the need for Stem skills and subjects.

Careers Video LOGs for schools

Careers Wales are seeking STEM Ambassadors to record a short Q & A for schools.
The recording will be organised via ‘Teams’ and posted to schools requesting views.
The session will take 15 – 20 mins at a date of your choice.

Questions are very basic and ask to describe your role within the Company, what qualifications you have and the attributes needed. We would then make these readily available to schools.

STEM Ambassador lunch meetings


  • Wednesday 30 December 12pm – 1pm

  • Friday 8 January 12pm – 1pm

Approved STEM Ambassadors are warmly welcome to attend a lunchtime social with new and pending Ambassadors.

These are informal sessions where new Ambassadors and those pending approval will gain insight from experienced Ambassadors and meet at at time when face to face sessions are postponed.

This is an opportunity to  share your experience and best practice