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STEM Ambassador opportunities



Spring into STEM Days at Margam Country Park

A new initiative in partnership with Margam Country Park was launched for National Science Week.
Following several meetings at the Park two STEM Days took place: Sunday 10th and Monday 11th March. The venue was the Victorian Gothic Castle which provided huge spaces for the exhibition.
On Sunday family groups visited many activities at stands, and despite the rough weather 300 visitors were welcomed.
Over the two days STEM Ambassadors included, Archaeology (Poppy Hodkinson) TT Electronics Marcus Davies and team, DVLA Ambassadors, CITER (Cardiff Institute of Tissue and Repair Kaiya Bartram-Daly), Network Rail, British Computer Society, Jon Laver (Parametrics), Chemistry busking, BAE Systems and Diamond Dust Robots.

The following day (with better weather!) offered a fantastic experience for Ysgol Cwm Brombil and Ysgol Tonnau where 90 pupils visited to take part in the hands on activities. It was an extra bonus to have the amazing ICE Bridges to Schools. A team of 12 Engineer STEM Ambassadors was ably led by Leighton Jones of Atkins Global and Christina Kio of Skanska. The team made wonderful impact, comments from teachers:

“An excellent day - everyone had a great understanding of what they were teaching the pupils.” Teacher Jenny Tomkins
“We would definitely like to be part of this in future”
“We rarely do practical sciences – it shows what can be done if you have knowledge and confidence”
“What a great way to teach Science – fun and inspiring” Margam Park volunteers

Pupils were given STEM cards to take to each stand, STEM Ambassadors handed stickers for the cards when pupils visited an activity and engaged well to add focus to the experience. The best collections were awarded the ‘Golden Bunnies” - though all pupils went away with a reward and treat!

STEM Ambassadors were the key to this superb experience and success.
The Park will be running many event days over the Summer, if you are interested in offering a stand please contact me

Digital Day of success at SPTS!


A new team at SPTS Orbotech aim to raise their profile with local schools STEM Ambassadors have already taken part in a variety of events from local sessions in Primary Schools, Country Park family day to a new site visit experience for local schools.

SPTS Technologies designs manufactures sells and supports advanced wafer-processing technologies for the semi conductor industries. These products are used by manufacturers of ‘Micro Electro Mechanical systems used in smart phones, tablets and game consoles.
The site has ultra strict control of access due to contamination of their products so any site visit must be carefully managed.

St Julian’s and Glasllwych Primary pupils were treated to a fantastic experience. St Julian’s pupils then made a blog video of the day, which speaks for itself!

Following Health and Safety training the 60 visitors were taken on a tour of the manufacturing areas – a very relevant product introduction given the popularity of gaming and mobile technology.
Mini Clean Room suits were available for the pupils, STEM Ambassadors Nick Simmons, Andrew Evans, Anthony Roberts and Carolyn Short also demonstrated vacuum chamber experiments with marshmallows – fun and effective.
Pupils had the chance to use ultra powerful microscopes to look at a fly, a screw and pennies.

‘The event was a major success with all pupils and teachers enjoying the experience and taking part in activities’
Dr Carolyn Short

‘We’re now going to tell everyone in our school about the visit and hopefully encourage pupils to learn more about science and technology. Who knows, some of our pupils may end up working at STPS when they’re older!
A big, gigantic thank you to the staff at SPTS who showed us around and gave up their time to talk to us.’
St Julian’s pupils


First Careers Day in Bridgend with Finning UK

 Brynteg School Bridgend held their first fantastic careers day for Yr 9 pupils introducing a showcase of local Employers.

STEM Ambassador Tim Ballard developed a stand for his employer, Finning sells, rent and provides parts and service for equipment and engines to customers in various industries, including mining, construction, petroleum, forestry and a wide range of power systems applications.

Most are large scale industrial parts, Tim and his colleagues were able to use VR to showcase the products and many other hands on attractions which were of huge appeal for hard to convey topics.
Ambassadors reported that the event had a very high impact on Employer profile and the event was badged with 5 star excellence rating!

Hi Sian,
Just to say thank you for the opportunity to engage with the school at Brynteg Bridgend.  It was an enjoyable (& busy) day with huge participation from the school.  Attached a few pics of my colleague (Chris) holding an audience.
Our VR headset and plasma ball were a real draw to the stand!
Tim Ballard”

“A huge thank you to all our employers, universities and contributors that helped make today’s first ever Careers Fair such a resounding success. You helped create a real buzz of enthusiasm around @BryntegSchool throughout the day.”
Brynteg Careers Coordinators

Rhiwbina Beavers earn a treat of STEM Ambassadors!


Beaver Leader Stephen James wished to add value to their Science Badge activities – the Beavers were not disappointed! 4 STEM Ambassadors delivered sessions: Rachel Taylor, Rachael Moses, Alun Armstrong and Edward Gait-Carr

Alun Armstrong describes his session below

On Wednesday this week I was with the Rhiwbina Beavers.  20 young lads age 6 - 8.  They wanted help to earn their Science Badges.   
I did a session on the properties of the atmosphere on planet earth  (air!).
Four teams of five and four tables each with lots of little "experiments" .   We covered the following properties :

Chemical composition tea light on a small platform floating in a bowl of water and covered by a one litre clear plastic bottle with the bottom cut off.   When the oxygen had all been used up the candle went out and the water had risen in the bottle .

Thermal properties :  paper spiral suspended above a tea light by a cotton thread rotating in the convection current .   Dash of hot water in plastic milk bottle  - shake bottle and the expansion of the air inflated  the bottle - then a dash of cold water and a shake and the air contracts sucking the walls of the bottle in etc.

Air pressure :  covering glass of water with card and then inverting

Resistance of air: running with umbrella down and then with umbrella up, parachutes, spinning tops (made from a milk bottle top and a pencil stub) and then again with little pieces of post its stuck on
Aerodynamics: Paper planes and  helicopters, cardboard  boomerangs, little throwing arrow with and without flights

‘Alun What a great night it was tonight with lots of happy Beaver Scouts.  It was such a fun and beneficial experience - lots of excited chats in the foyer at the end to their parents.
Enjoy the chocolates - remember to share. And thanks so much for your kind gift
I hope we meet again sometime.  Let us know if you want to try out some new things!’

Stephen James

Dr Rachael Moses and Edward Gait Carr of CITER (Cardiff institute of Tissue and Repair) followed with 2 fantastic sessions again achieving a superb impact

‘Just you know that both sessions were superb and we were very lucky to have them.  8 experiments in 2 weeks and they were all about different areas so a great mix.  Dr Moses and team presented the science experiment badges too last week.  I have sent thank you messages for both weeks and all were presented with a gift by one of the Beaver Scouts on the night.

Thank you too for helping to organise - a fantastic experience for all.’
Stephen James
Lion and Riverkings Leader

A Roller Coaster Ride with Ysgol Bryn Clwyd


Your STEM Ambassador Hub has a wide range of practical resources available for loan. One kit was put to very good use by Ysgol Bryn Clwyd Denbighshire as part of their Forces project on Theme Park Rides. Assistant HeadTeacher Vicky Lyons contacted me for local of the kit and most importantly the input of a STEM Ambassador to extend the knowledge and experience for her pupils.

The kit uses KNEX to build and test the forces on a carriage, each ride is assembled by pupils.

David Hinchliffe is a Financial Controller at Magnox and kindly took on the request.

Following a very successful visit David reported
“I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the school and was impressed with the enthusiasm and interest shown by all the pupils I met. We all had a very entertaining morning.”

STEM Ambassador opportunities

All opportunities can be viewed online. You can access the guide for STEM Ambassadors here 


All Wales


Online mentors needed by Brightside

We have agreed to support The Brightside Trust, social mobility charity, to recruit mentors for their online mentoring schemes. If you haven’t promoted this opportunity yet, please feature the blurb below in your hub’s next e-newsletter:
Do you want to use your experience to help young people make informed decisions about their future?
Brightside provides online mentoring to support young people aged 13-19 in a sustained and flexible way.

Mentoring projects range from helping young people explore higher education options, to providing direct insight into a specific sector. Mentor-mentee relationships last between 6 and 12 weeks and you can expect to commit about an hour each week.

To sign up to this opportunity, please click here and complete a form created for STEM Ambassadors. For more details contact Matt Foster, the Volunteer Manager

Urdd Science Pavilion Exhibition 27 May – 1 June
Cardiff Bay
CF10 5AL

  • The GwyddonLe (The Science Place) is a pavilion located on the Eisteddfod maes which provides children and young adults the opportunity to interact with Science, Engineering, Technological, Digital and Environmental subjects. The GwyddonLe attracted over 4,500 visitors during the 2019 Eisteddfod week.   
  • My contact Steffan Prys will appreciate your consideration of a stall / exhibition at the Eisteddfod which this year will be held in Cardiff Bay.
  • The GwyddonLe’s main partner and sponsor is Swansea University and with their support would coordinate a full week’s activity programme during the Eisteddfod week.

Cardiff area Postcodes


SEREN network 6th Form speakers: VARIOUS DATES

Coleg y Cymoedd

Heol y Coleg



CF15 7QH

  • Guest speaker Seren sessions Classes run from about 4.45 to 6.30-6.45 (Entirely up to you if there’s a break!) Tea from 4.15p.m.
  • Nature of sessions: Ideally as interactive as possible, with as many opportunities for our (rather quiescent) students to contribute, express opinions, justify their point of view etc. A brief summary of your own academic odyssey will be invaluable, either at the start or the conclusion of your session.
  • Classrooms, labs or IT suites All classrooms have good IT – laptops, projectors, whiteboards etc Anything sent in advance can be photocopied, or it can be done on the night

Fossil Fuel, Renewable Energy, Fracking – dates to suit Ambassador
Marlborough Primary
CF23 5BU

Teacher Michaela Sherlock is seeking STEM Ambassadors who can provide a session on any of these topics for her Yr 6 pupils

STEM sessions on any Topic: Welsh or English medium April - June

Ysgol Berllan Deg
Circle Way East
CF23 9LD


Aspire pupils STEM talk – any Friday to Easter 10.30am – 10.50am
Llantwit Major School
Llantwit Major
CF61 1TQ

  • The school seeks a 20 minute talk on STEM careers, importance of STEM in the world of work and relevance to your own career or employer
  • Pupils are Yrs 9, 10 & 11 (14 – 16yrs old)
  • Aspire aims to raise confidence and ambitions in pupils aspirations

STEM Week at Marlborough Primary 1 – 5 April (day of choice)
Marlborough Primary
Marlborough Rd,
CF23 5BU

  • Teacher Caroline Norton welcomes support sessions from STEM Ambassadors any day during their Science Week
  • There is no specific theme – all ideas for workshops / demos / talks are welcome!

Electricity, Light, Space, Human Skeleton, Respiration, Healthy living
Marlborough Primary
Marlborough Rd,
CF23 5BU

Mr Sherlock is seeking STEM Ambassadors who can offer ideas, resources or sessions on: Electricity, circuits, switches etc. which they are currently studying.
Future topics will be:

  • Light and Shadows
  • Space
  • Human Skeleton / Respiration
  • Healthy living including Diet, Dangers of Smoking, drugs, alcohol

On the Move Derwen Deg Primary – any dates February to Easter
Derwendeg primary
Cefn Hengoed
CF82 7HP

  • Teacher Nicola Packham is seeking STEM Ambassadors to offer sessions on transport for KS1 pupils
  • Al forms of transport – Rail, Road, Rocket will be welcome!
  • Pupils are very young (5 – 7yrs old)

Eureka : Science Themed sessions: any dates during themed weeks February - April
Ysgol Coed Y Gof

Teacher Emyr John has organised Science sessions 'Eureka' for his primary school.
He is seeking STEM Ambassadors to assist with the following activities:

  • Engineering Week - Structures, Bridges, gears and pulleys Week 4 beginning 8 April 2019

STEM session talks flexible dates: Health Sciences or Engineering

Ysgol Bro Morgannwg
CF62 8YU

  • The school would like some assistance with getting STEM Ambassadors into school to talk to the young people.
  • Currently they have a Chemical Physicist giving talks on science based subjects and gender stereotyping
  • If any Ambassadors would be interested in supporting their programme and happy to speak to a group of pupils on their area of expertise they will work around your best dates

Cardiff Centre for the Deaf: STEM sessions of choice
163 Newport Rd,
CF24 1AG

Event coordinator Tracey Bancroft is keen to offer their visiting pupils stimulating STEM sessions
2 requests are made: either of your choice will be gratefully accepted!

  1. A Saturday activity for Primary Pupils 12pm – 2pm. Last Saturday each month with parents in support ~ 20 pupils
  2. A Thursday evening activity 6pm – 8pm. 11yrs – 21 yrs pupils

A professional ‘interpreter’ will be present to sign to the pupils when the STEM Ambassador is visiting
Pupils visit from across the whole South Wales region, they are enthusiastic pupils that often need extra support while at school.

STEM sessions Welsh medium school Caerphilly (day of choice)

Ysgol Ifor Bach
CF83 4AB

  • Ysgol Ifor Bach is a Welsh medium school hosting their first Science Week
  • They would be very grateful for STEM Ambassador visits any day, preferably Welsh medium sessions
  • Either KS1 (5 – 7yrs) or KS2 (7-11ys)

Science topic session yrs 1 – 6 various topics date of choice

Cardiff Muslim Primary School
Merthyr Street
CF24 4JL

Science coordinator Naeela Minhas is seeking STEM Ambassadors who can offer a short session on any of these topics:

  • Plants and how they grow Year 1 and 2 (6-7 yr olds)
  • Rainforests Year 3 & 4 (8 – 9yrs)
  • Earth & Space Year 5 & 6 (9 -11yrs)

Whitchurch Primary Science Week 10 – 15 June (day of choice)

Whitchurch Primary
CF14 1NL

  • Teacher Sophie Rowlands will welcome STEM Ambassadors from all disciplines to illuminate Science Week with a short session

Resources are available from the See Science Office Cardiff if required

Science week at Ysgol Nant Caerau 17 – 21 June (day of choice)

Holy Family Primary
Beechley Drive

  •        Learn about animals on a farm and jungle
  •        Insects and plants in our garden
  •        The body
  •        The sea
  •        Chemistry ("creating potions")
  •        Computer coding for KS2
  •        Building and coding with LEGO / Microbits

If your topic isn't listed and you're able to visit the school Alaw le Bon would still be keen to host you

Rhiwbina Colony Beaver Science Badge sessions
Wednesday of choice 6.30 – 7.30pm

Heol Wern Road
CF14 6EA

  • Scout leader Stephen James is seeking Ambassadors to offer sessions for the Beaver and Scouts Science Badges
  • The sessions can be on any topic and the badge will be tailored to the sessions
  • 24 Beavers attend ranging from  6 – 8 yrs

Astrophysicist Talk Flexible dates

Kings Monkton School
6 West Grove, 
CF24 3XL

  • Pupils KS4 & 5 (GCSE / A level)
  • Teacher Jayne Morgan is very keen to host an Astrophysicist Ambassador for a talk with her 15 - 17 yr old pupils.
  • Several are keen to follow Astrophysics as a career

Numeracy in the Workplace morning assembly
St Teilo's School
CF23 9PD

  • 10:45am to 11:05am Monday 1st April:                Year 7 Assembly
  • 10:45am to 11:05am Tuesday 2nd April:               Year 8 Assembly
  • 10:45am to 11:05am Wednesday 3rd April:          Year 9 Assembly
  • 10:45am to 11:05am Thursday 4th April:              Year 10 Assembly
  • 10:45am to 11:05am Friday 5th April:                    Year 11 Assembly 
  • The Head of Maths is looking to inspire learners to appreciate the value of numeracy in the real world outside of education, regardless of feeling towards maths in school.” 
  • There is a screen with sound available.    

Cardiff: Science for Year 5

Lansdowne Primary
CF5 1JY 

  • Teacher Karl Redding is keen to host a STEM Ambassador session. 
  • Topics can be anything from Space - Nature - Engineering and the World around us.
  • The session / workshop can be from 1 hour to half day as suits your session

Urdd Science Pavilion Exhibition 27 May – 1 June
Cardiff Bay
CF10 5AL

  • The GwyddonLe (The Science Place) is a pavilion located on the Eisteddfod maes which provides children and young adults the opportunity to interact with Science, Engineering, Technological, Digital and Environmental subjects. The GwyddonLe attracted over 4,500 visitors during the 2019 Eisteddfod week.   
  • My contact Steffan Prys will appreciate your consideration of a stall / exhibition at the Eisteddfod which this year will be held in Cardiff Bay.
  • The GwyddonLe’s main partner and sponsor is Swansea University and with their support would coordinate a full week’s activity programme during the Eisteddfod week.

NP Postcodes


STEM related session topics: Flexible dates Spring
Coed Eva Junior & Infant School
NP44 4TG 

Teacher Chloe Burdett is seeking STEM Ambassadors to bring elements of STEM to the following topics. Dates can be agreed with STEM Ambassador.

  • Yr2 Roald Dahl - maybe a science link with ‘marvellous medicine’ or Roald Dahl topic
  • Yr3 - Curious Celts and Rotten Romans (eg Structures / Roman Engineering)
  • Yr5 - comparing people and places (eg Habitats, Exploration)
  • Yr6 - WW2 : betchley park and coding or topic of choice

How to float a Boat any day 1st – 12th April
Risca Primary
NP11 6DB

  • Teacher Lois Ryan is taking the topic of How to Float a Boat on Lake Malawi
  • Pupils are yrs 5 & 6 (9-11yrs)
  • She is seeking a STEM Ambassador who can take a session on flotation, density of water or anything related to ships and boats

Water transfer, Earth and Recycling: STEM week 16 or 17 May
Risca Primary
NP11 6DB

  • During STEM week teacher Helen Rees-Smith is running sessions on earth and recycling for Yrs 3 & 4 (7-8 yrs)
  • Their topic also includes water transport systems (taps, bowsers and infrastructure)
  • Helen is open to all ideas to bring interest to either date

STEM Ambassador Sessions Yr 5: Any topic any dates
Llanfoist Fawr Primary

  • Teacher Gail Roberts would like to inspire her Yr5 pupils at her new school
  • Following many successful visits at her last school Gail welcomes any topic on dates in Spring and Summer Term

Bridges or Space Activity FLEXIBLE DATES
Gilwern Primary School

  • Teacher Anna Parry would like to arrange a scientist and/or engineer to visit Year 5 pupils for Science Week.
  • The current themes for Key Stage Two are bridges and space.
  • Any construction or Space activity would be ideal 

Animals, Plants, Environmental Safety Undy Primary School
Pennyfarthing Ln,
NP26 3LZ

Teacher Kathryn Wilmhurst is seeking a STEM Ambassador who can assist with:

  • Understanding the differences between animals and plants
  • Show an awareness that seasons have different effects on plants and animals / hibernation
  • be aware of dangers and safety issues in the environment
  • Dates can be accommodated to suit your schedule

Science is exiting! STEM demonstrations (any date of your choice)
Crickhowell Primary

  • Teacher Rob Francis is taking a science based theme for Yr 4 (7yrs old) in February
  • He is seeking STEM Ambassadors who could bring some interesting demos on any theme (eg, rockets, bubbles, chemistry, light, lava)
  • The aim is to link an eye catching demo to learning about science

The Science of Sight: Year 1 pupils

Blackwood Primary
NP12 1WA

  • STEM Coordinator Kirsten Shuker would value the assistance of a STEM Ambassador with expertise in Sight
  • This could be either from the function and structure of the eye or the physics of sight
  • Pupils are Yr 1 (4 – 5 yrs old) the session would need to be at this level

Newport: STEM Visits Crindau Primary School
Crindau Primary
NP20 5ND

  • Teacher Medi James and colleagues were delighted with the Summer Term STEM Ambassador visits
  • The school would love to host STEM Ambassadors in the Spring Term
  • All topics are welcome and the dates can be arranged to suit your schedule

Newport: STEM sessions for Foundation, Yrs 1 and 2. Yrs 3- 6

St Woolos Primary
Stow Hill
NP20 4DW

  • Teacher Abi Watkins would like to arrange termly visits from various STEM Ambassadors
  • Ideally Ambassadors will offer 3 sessions during their visit so that all pupils from the year group can experience the session
  • The choice of Year group will be with you
  • Any topic can be considered as the curriculum is extensive and experiential

Newport. Rhiwderin Brownies Science / Engineering session

Any Wednesday 5.30pm – 6.30pm.

  • Pack leader Sam is seeking STEM Ambassadors (particularly female) for a visit to their group. They would love to hear your career story.
  • If you can bring something interesting for them – a demo or activity that would be great.

Caldicot: STEM workshops
Ysgol Y Ffin
NP26 4NQ

  • STEM Ambassadors are always welcome to offer visits / after school Club sessions at the school
  • This is a Welsh Medium School where Welsh is preferred for KS1 but English or Welsh welcome for KS2
  • The school will also be hosting a family Saturday event – details to follow – STEM Ambassadors welcomed

Caerphilly: (Welsh medium). After school or lunchtime Club visit
Ysgol Gymraeg Trelyn.
NP12 3ST.

  • Liz Owen is eager to host STEM Ambassadors. KS2 pupils are covering topics on Playing with Physics (yrs 3/4) and Energy Light & Sound (yrs5/6)
  •  If you can offer a one hour session 3.30 -4.30 or a lunchtime visit

Any dates next term will be great.  

Crosskeys: Science topics - Flexible dates
Waunfawr Primary
NP11 7PG.

    • Teacher Joanne Cueto is seeking STEM Ambassador sessions on any of the following:  
    • Marvellous Me or  Under the Sea or Curious Castles  Nursery - Yr2
    • Textiles or ‘How my body works’. Year 3 Year 4
    • Healthy living and Food. Year 5 Year 6

Bridgend County, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Merthyr Postcodes


Polar Explorer Project: Marine Biology, Boat engineering, Antartica Exploration and Climate

Brynteg School Cluster Primaries
CF31 3ER

Teacher Craig Wade is seeking STEM Ambassadors to speak to his cluster yr 5 & 6 pupils on ‘Polar Explorer’ related themes

Ideas are boat engineering, marine sciences, habitats etc

Frozen Kingdom session

Maes Yr Haul Primary
Gentle Way
CF31 5EG


  • Teacher Helena St Amand is seeking STEM Ambassadors for a support / session on a topic related to Frozen Kingdom
  • Yr 5 & 6 will be studying the topic 
  • Ideas can be: Antarctica, Environment and adaptation, exploration

Hawthorn High Pupil STEM Ambassador Q&A for project

Hawthorn High
CF37 5AL

  • Teacher Kayleigh Evans has a Year 13 pupil researching a project on Food and Agriculture ‘To What Extent is Cellular Agriculture a Viable Source of Food for the Future’
  • Pupil Harry would be grateful if a STEM Ambassador could answer a few questions and give him advice on the research
  • The advice could be email, a visit to the school or skype call

Merthyr Science Festival Steering committee

    • STEM Ambassadr Claire Price is seeking interest from local Ambassadors
    • Claire is initiating a Science Festival t be held in Merthyr probable date July 2019
    • If yu are interested please let me know

Rhondda Cynon Taf:  Ecology workshop support

Yr 9 & 10 
Ysgol Rhydywaun
CF44 9ES

      • Teacher Leana Stansfield is planning to run workshops on ecology
      • These may include pond dipping, lichen survey, soil or sampling using quadrats
      • Initially Leana and her colleagues would like a discussion with STEM Ambassadors on the content of the session
      • Further assistance is optional 

Merthyr Tydfil
Pantysgallog Primary School
CF48 2AD

  • Teacher Craig Lynch will be pleased to hear from STEM Ambassadors who can offer a session 
  • Craig would be pleased for all offers of support - any topic would be welcome Interactive or demonstrations of particular interest

Merthyr Tydfil: Microbes and Food
Cyfarthfa Primary School
CF47 8RE

  • Teacher Rich Price is seeking an Ambassador to cover the topic ‘Food Glorious Food’
  • He would particularly like a session on Microbes and Bacteria
  • Any date can be selected Summer Term.

Merthyr Tydfil: Trelewis Science sessions

Trelewis Primary
CF46 6AH

The school was not able to run a Science Week in March, and don’t want the pupils to miss the experience

  • Teacher Jonathan Keefe is seeking any STEM topic sessions.
  • You can offer for any age groups 5yrs - 10 yrs old, and all topics will be accepted.
  • Pupils are studying Space, Electricity, Light, Sound, Environment, Habitat,

            Human Body, Technology, Engineering topics, and many others

 Computer Science applications.

Lewis School Pengam
CF81 8LJ.

  • Teacher David Eyles is very keen to host STEM Ambassadors to raise the profile on Computer Science. He is flexible on dates.
  • A large number of pupils are keen on gaming, programming and general application in careers.

Please contact if you can support.  


SA Postcodes

Engineers and Scientists Day Wednesday 3rd April

Dwyr-y-Felin Comprehensive
SA10 7RE

  • Teacher Adam Rayson is seeking STEM Ambassadors to deliver 4 X 45 minute sessions during the day

  • He would also like to address part of the session on diversity and gender balance in STEM

St. David's Primary School 
West Cross
SA3 5TS 

Jonathan Lewis is seeking sessions for KS2 (7-11yrs pupils)

  • Year 5 are currently studying sound.

  • Year 3 & 4 are both studying potions (chemistry)

ICE Bridges to Schools: Engineer support April 15th or April 26th (day of choice)
Margam Country Park
Neath Port Talbot Borough
SA13 2TJ

  • The ICE bridge for family groups will be at the Castle in the Park on these days

  • Engineers will be keenly sought to assist with the build. An experienced ICE Engineer will also be required to lead the activity

Dinosaur Day Sunday 28 July
Margam Country Park
Neath Port Talbot Borough
SA13 2TJ

  • This beautiful Country Park is holding a Dinosaur Day where animated replicas of Dinosaurs will be visiting the Park

  • They would love to include an educational element and welcome STEM Ambassadors who have background in evolution, palaeontology and similar relevant areas

  • The Castle interior will be available and also marquees for stands, workshops and similar activities

  • I will place you in contact with Alison Lloyd Commercial Officer

Healthy Bodies and Human Biology – flexible dates Spring Term

Brynmill Primary
Trafalgar Road

  • Teacher Kate Jenkins is seeking STEM Ambassadors for sessions on Human Biology

  • Pupils are year 3 and 4 (7 – 9 yrs)

  • Topics could include: body, bones, digestion, blood etc

  • Any dates in the Spring Term can be accommodated

Pembrokeshire Rotary event: Judges for Team Building Challenge

28 March 9.30 – 2.30 pm (or hours you can spare)

Pembrokeshire College
SA61 1SZ

KS3, 4 and 5 pupils from local secondary schools will be competing in the Team Building Challenge to build a crane from a selection of materials.
The crane will be put through a series of tests.

STEM Ambassadors are keenly sought as Judges and if wished can help where teams are finding difficulties
As well as awarding points for a working model, the teams' portfolios are also taken into account.  
The portfolio describes how the team approached the task, how they organised the work, how they overcame problems and shows how they arrived at their final design solution.

Me an Engineer project support May – June ( 1 or 2 visits to a school)

Primary Feeder Schools Llanelli / Carmarthen area
SA14 7NT

  • 7 Primary Schools are taking part in the Me An Engineer Challenge funded by the IET

  • Pupils will be working on projects leading up to a Celebration Day on 2 July

  • STEM Ambassadors with Engineering backgrounds are sought to support the project in one school.

  • The support will be advisory and mentor based involving only one or two visits as suits the Ambassador


STEM sessions at Casllwchwr Primary Flexible dates to Summer
Casllwchwr Primary

Teacher Angharad Williams is seeking STEM Ambassador who could assist with a session on any of these topics:

Reception - The body
Years 1 and 2 - Materials and Forces
Years 3 and 4 - plants, animals and the body
Years 5 and 6 - habitats, space and forces 

Dates can be accommodated to suit your schedule


STEM programme discussion and ideas – date to suit your schedule

Arfryn Education Centre
Heol Frank

  • Arfyn Education Centre is a pupil referral unit in the City

  • Deputy Head Martin Thomas is keen to develop a programme of STEM experience for pupils

  • Teachers would value a STEM Ambassador visit to discuss the type of programme that they could manage

  • This would be a meeting to explore ideas for STEM engagement


Climate Change: Schools Project Collaboration with Swansea University STEM Ambassadors

Dr Jennifer Rudd is seeking contact with STEM Ambassadors who have developed / delivered Climate Change sessions at schools.

Jennifer and her colleagues are developing a workshop and resources which they aim to offer Secondary Schools across Wales and would greatly value discussions with experienced STEM Ambassadors.

If you would like to offer advice, make contact or send a message to Jennifer please let me know.


STEM sessions at Casllwchwr Primary Flexible dates to Summer
Casllwchwr Primary

Teacher Angharad Williams is seeking STEM Ambassador who could assist with a session on any of these topics:

Reception - The body
Years 1 and 2 - Materials and Forces
Years 3 and 4 - plants, animals and the body
Years 5 and 6 - habitats, space and forces 

Dates can be accommodated to suit your schedule


Pupil Referral Unit Science and Maths experience
Step-Ahead Education Centre
Gors Avenue

  • Teacher Karen Trussler is keen to offer her pupils in the unit a wider experience of maths or science

  • Karen’s pupils are medium ability KS3 /4 (12 – 15 yrs old)

  • They welcome contact / visits from STEM Ambassadors either before the 21st December or after January 7th


A level talk or workshop for students any Tuesday or Friday
Neath - Port Talbot College
Dwyr Y Felin
SA10 7RF                                                 

  • Tutor Sam Oxley is seeking a stimulating session on applications of STEM qualifications for gifted and talented A level pupils

  • All study A level Chemistry

  • The session can be any application of science / engineering

  • Tutorials are held Tuesdays (11.30-12.30) and Fridays (11.30-12.30)


BTEC Applied Science Lab session
Ysgol Ystalyfera

Teacher Bethan Murphy is seeking a presentation or short demonstration on Laboratory Information Systems Students are BTEC level 3.
The module requires students to

  • Describe the procedure for storing information in a laboratory information management system

  • Explain the processes involved in storing information in a scientific workplace

  • Discuss the advantages gained by keeping data and records on a laboratory management information system


Gower: STEM Club visit any Wednesday

Pennard Primary

  • Calling all STEM Ambassadors

  • Pennard Primary are eager to host STEM Ambassadors at the lunchtime Club

  • Years 3 – 6 attend (6-10 years old)

  • Demonstrations or hands on activities very welcome


Dylan Thomas School

  • Teacher Lucy Griffin is seeking a STEM Ambassador with French or Spanish language skill

  • Yr 7 pupils study Spanish with French introduced in Yr 8

  • The session would be focussed on Careers but with Maths/ Science/ Engineering /Tech with modern foreign languages. 

  • Chances to use language skills not only abroad but also in Wales 

  • Many of her students are from a quite insular background, low socio-economic status, many with lower literacy skills than the national average.

LL postcodes

Mini Beasts – flexible on dates
Ysgol Pen y Bryn
Colwyn Bay
LL29 6DD

  • Teacher Lois Chapman is seeking support for their new topic: Mini Beasts (insect, worm and bug life)

  • Pupils are yr 2 (6yrs old)

  • Dates are very flexible to accommodate Ambassadors

Me an Engineer project support May – July 2 Celebration Day. (1 or 2 visits to a school)

Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle



LL54 6RL

• 7 local Primary Schools are taking part in the Me An Engineer Challenge funded by the IET

• Pupils will be working on projects leading up to a Celebration Day on 2 July

• STEM Ambassadors with Engineering backgrounds are sought to support the project in one school.

 • The support will be advisory and mentor based involving only one or two visits as suits the Ambassador

Space Themes  or Castles

Ysgol Pen y Bryn
Colwyn Bay
LL29 6DD


Teacher Lois Chapman is seeking support for

Space topics with Yr 6 pupils

Castles with Yr 3 (7yrs old)

Pupils will be investigating types of rocks and their suitability for building castles
Lois welcomes Ambassadors who could

Talk on build engineering related to rock and foundations

A geologist who could talk on permeability and rock forms

Community Science Projects running March – July (flexible support dates)

Ebeneser Community Centre
LL77 7PN

Local community group leader Carl Gillwood is  holding a series of projects in the year to reach groups of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds; less abled or disabled citizens and less fortunate communities

Of great importance is to seek the advice, support of their local STEM Ambassadors.
They intend to run projects including the following topics:

  • Coastal Science

  • Engineering (Civil) with a focus on Menai Bridge eg constructing suspension bridge models

  • Aviation or Weather Systems

  • Energy

Projects will be showcased at a special event in Llangefni, my contact will be Carl Gillwood project lead.

STEM Sessions - any topic any date

Ysgol Bro Lleu
Ffordd y Brenin
LL54 6RL
01286 880883

Teacher Gerallt Jones is very keen to host activities presented by STEM Ambassadors, he is open to all ideas and the school is flexible on dates

 Mock interviews: 11 April Darland High School Rosett LL12 0DL Year 10 pupils Morning only

The aim of these is to provide young people with the opportunity to explore and practice the skills, attitudes, values and qualities needed for life and work through a mock interview session. 
6 x 30 minute interviews are planned for each volunteer.


Stockbroker Challenge 24 and 25 June 9.00am – 1.30pm

Darland High School
LL12 0DL

6 Ambassadors with some experience of industry / business are invited to support the stockbroker challenge.
Year 8 & 9 pupils will be presenting projects and taking part in a team challenge

Bangor: STEM Club at St Gerards Primary any Monday 3pm – 4pm

St Gerards Primary

LL57 2EL

  • Teacher Tamzin Pritchard is seeking STEM Ambassadors to visit the pupils at their STEM Club

  • Tamzin has been delighted with the impact of previous STEM Ambassador visits

  • Any STEM session will be delightfully received!

Holywell STEM sessions - all dates available this term

Ysgol Maes Y Felin

  • Teacher Tamsin is seeking sessions for Foundation, Yr 1 / Yr 2 pupils

  • Next term they are inspiring pupils with 'Reach for the Stars' which is to raise aspirations and goals

  • All STEM topics would be welcome and some interactive elements will be important

Llandudno Code Club Support (or STEM session in general)

Ysgol Bodafon
LL30 3BA

  • The school are seeking a Code Club supporter or a session on STEM in general.

  • If you can help I shall place you in contact with Adam Davies

SY and LD postcodes

STEM sessions for More Able and Talented  pupils

St Mary’s Catholic Primary
3 The Orchard,
Milford Rd,
SY16 2DA

  • Teacher Sarah Ruggeri is seeking STEM sessions of all kinds focussing on any topic

  • Pupils are ages 5yrs – 11yrs, any year group of your choice

Brecon Primary science sessions. Dates flexible.
Llangors Primary

LD3 7UB. 

Teacher Meg is eager to host STEM Ambassadors for STEM topics in Spring / Summer Term

Crickhowell : STEM sessions

Llangynidr Primary School
NP8 1LU.

  • Teacher Claire Watson is seeking an Ambassador to present workshop or talk on any STEM topic.

  • Interactive interesting topics welcome

NEW  – GL postcodes

Schools activities: Mock Interviews various dates 8.30am -1.30pm
5th June                        Archway School, Stroud                                   
6th June                        Archway School, Stroud                                   
12th June                     Churchdown School, Gloucester                       
13th June                     Churchdown School, Gloucester                       
20th June                     Maidenhill School, Stonehouse

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