How to be an active STEM Ambassador

Becoming 'active' in the STEM Ambassador programme

STEM Ambassadors have many ways to become 'active' in the programme:

  • Signing into your STEM Ambassador profile and using the 'Browse Activities' facility
  • Through employer or personal contacts
  • Through requests in the STEM Ambassador newsletter

Finding opportunities

For opportunities in Wales and across the regional networks:

  1. Sign into your profile at
  2. Click the 'Activities' dropdown box on the left side
  3. Filter and search by postcode radius, type of activity, including online activities or expertise (eg Engineering, Science etc)
  4. Click on the activity which appeals to you. The page opens up to give you more information. Then you can 'express interest' on the Activity page.

The person who has posted the request will contact you to discuss their request and make a plan. Don't forget you can always decline at any stage for any reason.