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Reaching out online: STEM Ambassadors inspire at Ysgol Harri Tudor 

Teacher Ed Male piloted the school’s first online event with STEM Ambassadors to celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science on 10th February.

Girls of years 10 – 11 were keen to discover diverse career paths in STEM and specifically wanted personal accounts from Ambassadors of their experiences and decision making.

Using Google classrooms as a secure platform, the session was by invitation only with the teacher acting as moderator for question and answers ensuring both the privacy of pupils and safeguarding online.

6 female Ambassadors offered a valuable hour of their time. They were sent prepared questions from the girls, addressing a wide area of interest. This helped the session tackle the most relevant queries:

How they made their career decisions

  • Did they change careers
  • What their qualifications were
  • Daily life at work
  • Challenges and rewards
  • Opportunities in their field
  • Earning potential
  • Flexible working hours

3 STEM Ambassadors were local Pembrokeshire at Valero, Digital Technology, Psychology and Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum, 3 were from other counties working at BBC weather forecasting, Dwr Cymru and JN Bentley Newport

Ed Male commented

 ‘It was a fab event. Thank you all for taking part last night.
I received very positive feedback from students that attended.
So much so that the word has spread!
Thank you all for giving up your time to encourage girls into stem careers.’

Ambassadors added
‘It was great to present and hear from everyone else in the group’ Zoe
‘Great to hear the talks were well received and hopefully will be beneficial to the girls too.’ Alec

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First Lego League Challenge - Online June / July

See Science have funding to support schools to participate in an online  competition for teams of young people, to encourage an interest in real-world themes and develop key skills that are crucial for their future careers.

Registration is now open for 2020-2021 FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge season and we would welcome teachers to contact to discuss particpation in the competition. Get your team together and think about the ways we can get people moving is the theme this year. FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge is a global STEM programme for teams of young people, to encourage an interest in real world themes and develop key skills that are crucial for their future careers. Young people work together to explore a given topic and to design, build and program an autonomous LEGO® robot to solve a series of missions. For more information click here. In Wales we are offering three online tournaments – Click here to register and here to contact for more information

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Spotlight on Raytheon and Collins Aerospace

Since December STEM employers have offered ‘Spotlight’ sessions inviting teachers an insight into their company and how they can support the schools with STEM outreach.

In February Raytheon Technologies (which includes Collins Aerospace) took to the stage online with an audience of 24 schools and colleges, many from England and Scotland taking part.

Raytheon works in areas such as Intelligence, Security, Surveillance and Reconnaissance with international governments. There are valuable opportunities for career paths in many areas from Apprenticeships to support services, graduate and many more. 

8 STEM Ambassadors delivered a superb session, with the story of each very different path from the experience of an Apprentice (both male and female) to Client Support officers and Graduates. STEM Ambassadors provided advice on how to make the best decisions about subjects and qualifications at school.

Thank you for hosting an inspiring event this afternoon and please extend my gratitude to your team of presenters who all did such a fantastic job sharing their real life experiences and guidance......
We are currently exploring more ways to inspire our learners into industry particularly with employees like your young team today 

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Virtual Careers Fair 1-6 March 2021

The Virtual Careers Fair will go live on day 1 of Careers Week. There is no registration required, and no data is collected from students. All you need to do is share the website address with students:

The Parents’ Guide to provides parents with the information they need to help their teenage children make the right choices to create successful futures after GCSE and sixth form. Our online guides are designed to inform, involve and guide parental support. They include the most up to date information on topics such as apprenticeships, universities and revision techniques.


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The real benefit of entering STEM competitions

We know that teachers and students can benefit  from taking part in science competitions and that it is not all about the winning.Numerous competitions offers a wealth of benefits to students: practical  skills, planning and presentation skills as well as opportunity to develop writing skills, and confidence

 Experience is invaluable not forgetting that many of these opportunities can also contribute to their UCAS statements. But it is also important to think that supporting pupils to enter competitions have a positive impact on  teachers: networking, raising the science department profile, and more. Click here to read  an article by Annabel Jenner  to learn what exactly what teachers adn pupils can gain from participating in STEM competitions beyond winning and find links to competitions you might be interested in entering in 2021.

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Cardiff Science Festival STEM Stars

The Science Festival takes place during February Half Term, a visible feature in Cardiff city centre: on shopping precincts, street science busking, talks and activities in popular locations.
The organisers were determined to sustain engagement with family audiences and the public during the pandemic. A full week of events was organised online including the popular ‘STEM Stars’ which was hosted by the STEM Ambassador Coordinator Wales.


4 STEM Ambassador starred in a stellar event takin the audience through lively presentations. Following themes of 
Science of the Covid 19
Astronomy and the search for Alien Life
Science of Nature

Joining us online were many families safeguarded by the well controlled protocol laid down by the Festival. 

It was a different experience to face to face engagement but there were outstanding benefits, such as the ‘dwell time’ for families, no queuing to see the activity and a close up look of what each Ambassador was demonstrating.

Joining the panel from his workplace abroad STEM Ambassador Chris commented how enjoyable it was to take part in an event at a distance.

National events

The STEM Ambassadors; Illuminating Careers fair will take place as part of National Careers Week, in partnership with AECOM. We will be joined by 25 national employers including Google, the BBC, JustEat and Public Health England. There will be an opportunity for students to chat live to STEM Ambassadors from these organisations.

Teachers can sign-up for more information here.

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Start planning now for British Science Week 2021!

Its not too late to get your pupils involved in British Science Week 2021, happening 5 – 14 March.

Science is all around us every day and there are lots of ways we can still engage and celebrate the role that science plays in all our lives. And with the backdrop of a global pandemic, now it is more important than ever that we embrace and explore it.

The British Science Association have produced Activity packs with lots of ideas for activities that children can do at home, from practical ones such as splitting light and identifying different types of plastics to research-based ones such as producing a fact file on a STEM Person of the Week.

And don’t forget the Poster Competition! This year’s theme is Innovating for the Future. Schools can enter up to 5 posters and the closing date is April 30th. You can find all the details here.

Local events

TeenTech Live brings the exciting world of science and technology to your school or home.

Hosted by well- known science and technology reporters, our interactive sessions are fun, engaging and provide real context to learning, helping young people understand more about careers and the way exciting emerging technology is shaping all aspects of our lives.

TeenTech Live meets Gatsby benchmarks and has been highly praised by teachers, parents and students.

Our virtual sessions last an hour and students then have the option to work on short challenges or projects and participate in a follow-up feedback session with industry experts. We have sessions suitable for all ages, interests and abilities.

TeenTech Innovation Live sessions and TeenTech City of Tomorrow Live sessions begin the week of 1st March 2021. You can register for these sessions here

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IOP Physics Forum

Please join us at our IOP Wales Physics Forum. It  All are welcome e.g. Teachers (physics specialists and non-specialists), and it is a good opportunity to see what other teachers are doing. Booking is essential and a link will be sent prior to the event. 
4 March 2021 IOP Wales Physics Forum: To book click here 
18 March 2021 IOP Wales Physics Forum: To book click here 

FREE Workshops for pupils
FREE Facilitated Chemistry Workshops (Funded by the RSC)

Through to the end of the summer term, See Science will be offering a variety of FREE workshops to schools across Wales. We will be flexible in how we deliver these workshops, depending on COVID restrictions - delivering face to face in schools or virtually via live links on platforms to suit the schools.

Chemistry at Work Workshop (Yr 9)

Over the past few years, we have been running Chemistry at Work days at Swansea University for Year 9 pupils but this year we are going virtual and creating videos. One benefit of this is that we can involve Chemists form other universities, as well as from a wide range of workplaces. However, even better, we can offer the workshop to schools across Wales! The focus will be on where Chemistry can take you in the future, with insights into studying Chemistry related subjects at University and the breadth of careers they can lead to.

This will be a 2 hour workshop and we can be flexible in the delivery – either in one session or over two sessions on different days.

Chemistry in a Pandemic Workshop (Yrs 5 to 9)

This will be a brand new workshop looking at Chemistry and the role of Chemists in fighting a global pandemic. For more information or to register your interest, contact Llinos at See Science 

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FREE Facilitated Energy Quest Workshops for KS3

From early March through to the end of the summer term, See Science will be offering a variety of FREE Energy Quest workshops to schools across Wales

We will be flexible in how we deliver these workshops, depending on COVID restrictions - delivering face to face in schools or virtually via live links on platforms to suit the schools. This engaging programme from Engineering UK, funded by Shell, aims to increase the number of young people from underrepresented audiences choosing Engineering as a career. For more information or to register your interest, contact Llinos here

Ongoing Support

The Institute of Physics in Wales  we are hosting workshops that will cover the teaching of the WJEC  Physics GCSE Curriculum.  
Together we are hosting workshops that will cover the teaching of Domains and the WJEC Curriculum

Physics Unit 2.7 Types of Radiation- This session will bring to life the structure of the nuclear atom and how it is represented using atomic notation. We will take you on a journey deep into the atom and back out to help you develop your teaching knowledge and strategies. 
Physics Unit 2.8 Half Life- We will present ways of explaining the concepts of the random nature of radioactive decay and particularly half-life, something which many students find difficulty with.Booking is essential and a link will be sent prior to the event. 

1 March 2021 IOP Wales WJEC GCSE Physics Unit 2.7 Types of Radiation To book click here 

15 March 2021 IOP Wales WJEC GCSE Physics Unit 2.8 Half Life To book click here 

IOP Wales Domains
IOP’s DOMAINS is our integrated CPD programme for all those involved in teaching physics. For the next half term our DOMAINS CPD programme will focus on Light, Sound and Waves.
Newly released CPD videos on Waves are available on IOPSpark, our resources website at https://spark.iop.org/waves-cpd-videos . Live online CPD sessions will build on the content of the CPD videos and provide opportunities for discussion and questions. The IOP DOMAINS CPD Programme has been developed and is delivered by experience physics coaches offering tailored content to meet the needs of everyone involved in teaching physics. 

25 February 2021 IOP Wales Domains CPD Waves To book click here 

11 March 2021 IOP Wales Domains Sound To book click here 

25 March 2021 IOP Wales Domains Light To book click here 

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What’s On at the Royal Institution

Until the end of time on Tuesday 2 March when physicist and author Brian Greene will be in conversation with Dara Ó Briain.

Then on Thursday 4 March computational neuroscientist Grace Lindsay will be in conversation with the Ri's very own Lisa Derry about Grace's new book Models of the mind: How maths has shaped our understanding of the brain

And on Tuesday 23 March we will be welcoming biologist, writer and professor Rob Dunn as he explores the deep history of flavour and the role it has played in human evolution in Delicious: The evolution of flavour and how it made us human.

You can reserve your spot for our livestream events via Eventbrite. Booking tickets will allow you to access our events and re-watch them for up to a week after their original broadcast dates.


Tallest Paper Tower - 2021 Fluor Engineering Challenge!

Reach for the Sky with the Tallest Paper Tower Challenge

With only paper and tape, the 2021 Fluor Engineering Challenge asks students to build a tower, as tall as possible, that can successfully support a can of food at the top for a full sixty seconds.

This challenge is fun for all ages and can be done in the classroom or with students at home. The materials are deliberately simple. We want as many students as possible to build a paper tower and enter the challenge!

Submissions for the Fluor Challenge will be accepted February 14-March 12, 2021, but you and your students can start planning, designing, and building now! Details here.

Funding opportunities 

BP Ultimate Challenge: A Home for Nature

The Ultimate STEM challenge is back and this year it aims to immerse pupils in the theme of biodiversity! The decline of biodiversity has a dramatic effect on all living creatures, including humans, and the way they interact. That's why this year’s Ultimate STEM Challenge invites young people across the UK to get creative and design a home for nature, using natural and technical solutions, to improve biodiversity in their local community.

The competition is open to ages 11-14 and can be entered individually or as a group. There are fantastic prizes for the winning pupil(s) and their school. The pupil/team with the most creative and innovative design will win £3,000 to bring that home for nature to life, while the runners up will receive £1,000 each to make their designs a reality. Competition closes on 3 March 2021. Details here.

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Online courses for teachers

A range of free-to-access online courses for teachers at every stage of their career. You will have the opportunity to learn from leading experts and share ideas with thousands of other educators across the world. Download the calendar to see what courses are on offer and when they are available to join.

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