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We are delighted that so many schools have been engaging with Ambassadors during the last half term. STEM Ambassadors are still keen to offer as many enrichment opportunities as possible to learners.


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To support teachers to continue educating young people during these unprecedented times  STEM Learning  have developed a range of materials, including free resources, tips from our subject experts and professional development opportunities.

STEM Ambassador's involvement can engage and enthuse both students and teachers. If you are interested in asking a STEM Ambassador to assist you can make your request hereWe’ve created brief guides to encourage both STEM Ambassadors and educators to use the self-service. 

If an Ambassador has engaged with you, or if you have met an Ambassador at an enrichment activity, we would be very grateful if you could fill in our teacher feedback form. Please encourage colleagues to respond.



Garaway Primary School and the polytunnel

STEM Ambassador Matthew Macdonald Wallace is a Senior Consultant at Contino a leading international digital transformation consultancy. Matthew’s recent achievement was to assist a small rural school

Garway Primary in Herefordshire, exploring data in an engaging way pupils would to study plant growth using the construction of a Tektelic Agriculture Sensor in a polytunnelWith collaborative support from Head Teacher Julie Jones the project was an immense success. Matthew’s project write up is here and summarised below

When I approached Garway Primary School about installing a Tektelic Agriculture Sensor in the polytunnel used to teach children about plant growth, the school leapt at the chance to get involved. Miss Julie Jones, head teacher at Garway School, said “The opportunity that this project provides to our children is incredibly exciting. We already have a strong ethos around teaching our children about environmental responsibility in our role as an Eco School, and being able to have the children analyse the data that supports and increases that commitment is a fantastic addition to our curriculum.”

Image © https://www.iothree.co.uk/portfolio/garway-polytunnel/

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Maths is Magic by Rakhee Dhorajiwala

Do you think maths is magic? Many pupils (and adults!) still struggle with mathematics and the general consensus is that you ‘need to be clever to enjoy it’. 
STEM Ambassador Alan Jackson has used his expertise in statistics and magicto develop an interactive workshop to make mathematics more accessible and interestingAimed at upper Key Stage 2 to secondary pupils, this workshop can be adapted to suit a range of abilities. They can be self-contained sessions, perhaps spanning a few weeks, or for a full focus day.
The sessions revolve around focusing on one number from 1-10 at a time to look at them in detail. Helping pupils to understand numbers through interesting facts and puzzles help to remove the fear and anxiety often present in maths lessons. 
The workshop had some great feedback at the end of the session, including enthusiasm for adapting it for games and quizzes using Kahoot etc.  Next session 7 July at 4pm  Register here.


Looking for ET in A Water Butt!

STEM Ambassador Jon laver introduced an audience of Teachers and STEM Ambassadors to a fabulous Space activity for KS 2 – 3 pupils.

In the 30 minute session Jon demonstrated a project exploring meteorites on Earth.

Pupils collect rain water in a clean bucket. When they have sufficient water they ‘fish’ for meteorite particles using a small magnet on a string. Meterorites can be examined using a good magnifying lens or school microscope.

Teachers attended from as far away as Northern Ireland and are starting projects with pupils based on the activity

Jon’s next session is ‘Space Trek’ on June 9th followed by ET again in July!

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CAER Heritage Hidden Hillfort Project Innovation award

The project is a collaboration between ACE & Cardiff University which works with local people and schools to discover and uncover the amazing 6,000 year heritage of Caerau & Ely. 

STEM Ambassador staff and students at Cardiff University School of Archaeology lead this very successful initiative. The team are working with 3 local primary school pupils and teachers toarchaeological test pits in school grounds and create an exhibition for a new Hidden Hillfort Heritage Centre at Caerau Hillfort

STEM Ambassadors Dr Dave Wyatt and Ollie Davis are project Directors and recently won an award for their work over the lockdown last year Innovative archaeology in the time of the pandemic - News - Cardiff University

The ‘Big Dig’ asked community members around the Hillfort to conduct a ‘mini dig’ in their gardens. Their finds would be identified and examined by professional archaeologists.
Cupboard Archaeology’ involved a class of yr 5 pupils and 39 families uncovering the past by looking at ‘buried treasures’ in their homes

CAER Big Dig 2 will take place this Summer - with cross curricular learning outcomes and resources.
There is an exciting future anticipated where pupils and families learn about the rich heritage from the past on their doorsteps - with STEM Ambassadors

FREE facilitated workshops and CPD

Chemistry of Covid 

See Science, with funding from the Royal Society of Chemistry, have developed a brand new Chemistry workshop based on COVID-19. We aim to answer questions children everywhere are likely to have following a global pandemic

The Chemistry of COVID workshop is proving popular! Suitable for upper KS2, it explores micro-organisms, the spread of infectious diseases, COVID-19 and vaccines. Hands-on activities include ‘Build a virus’ and ‘Design a mask’. We have a couple of dates available for this term term (contact llinos.misra@see-science.co.uk) but for those that miss out, the resources will all be available on our website in September

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RSB Gopher Science Lab free online training for primary teachers


The Royal Society of Biology is offering 40 state-funded primary schools in the UK the opportunity for four teachers to have free access to RSB’s Gopher Science Lab online training course.With thanks to generous support from The Worshipful Company of Horners enabling RSB to offer this opportunity. Primary school teachers working in UK based, state-funded, primary schools can email Amanda Hardy to apply on behalf of their school to access the paid-for online training places on a first come first served basis.

Local and National events 

The Great Science Share for Schools. 15 June 7pm online

Join an online celebration of the  annual campaign to inspire young people to share their scientific questions with new audiences.

The Great Science Share for Schools is the award-winning campaign that invites 5-14 year olds to share their own scientific questions and investigations, to raise the profile of science in schools and communities, and inspire young people into science and engineering. 

Join us to share your ideas and resources and listen to how others have made the Great Science Share for Schools a success

So much preparation is already underway to make 2021 even more successful. Keep up to date with what’s on when by registering your interest here or book a place at our online event


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Royal Society of Chemistry Steps into Science session - Practical Science: making measurements. Wednesday 16 June 4 - 5pm. Online

Join the RSC for an interactive session to support you with experiments specifically focusing on measuring. This session will be delivered by RSC education coordinator Dr Joanna Buckley. It is particularly suited for teachers of pupils aged 7-11.

Aims: Understanding the importance of measuring is key to quantifying the world around us. Chemical scientists continually measure and calculate when carrying out experiments and testing their theories. Developing these skills is vital to demonstrate its importance in everyday life.

The main focus of the session will be to gain ideas for relevant practical experiments that relate to making measurements, all of which are straight-forward to replicate and fun to perform.

By the end of the session you will:

  • Be more familiar with suitable experiments that demonstrate the importance of measuring.
  • Grow your confidence in delivering these experiments.
  • Gain a better understanding of our Steps in Science website by being able to navigate, find and use our resources.
  • Discover the wealth of freely available support from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Details and booking here.

Competitions and Grants
The First Mathematics Challenge (FMC) 

The FMC has been created for all your pupils. It is our intention that mathematics is portrayed as enjoyable, exciting and engaging for younger pupils and the FMC should provide an entertaining yet educational ending to the school year. It has been specifically created to give all pupils in Years 3 and 4 England and Wales, the opportunity to take part in a National Challenge. 

The FMC is easy to administer and mark! 

We are pleased to announce orders for the FMC 2021 are now open.

The Challenge will go ahead online this year, in addition to the option to download the paper for your pupils.

Schools should order access in 10s. Full details regarding access will be communicated to schools nearer the Challenge.

The Challenge can be taken at any time during 21st June - 2nd July 2021.

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The Great Bug Hunt 2021

An exciting competition for primary school children that takes you outside to explore the bug world!

Run every year since 2015 by the ASE in partnership with the Royal Entomological Society, the ever popular Great Bug Hunt competition was created to take science learning out of the Primary classroom and bring it to life in the outdoors.

Our challenge is pretty simple – show us what you can find!

Firstly identify a local habitat – and this could the playing fields, local woods or the school grounds, equip your class with magnifying glasses (if you have them) and notepads or printable sheets and point them at the nearest hedge, flower bed, tree, grass, log, stone, rock (well, you get the picture!)... and let them explore and report back what they find. 

Your entries might be a wall poster, a report, a video or even a podcast or poem! Let their imaginations run wild!   Closing date June 10.  Details here.

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The Edina Trust Science Grant Scheme

Edina TrustThe Edina Trust Science Grant Scheme (SGS) offers small grants to all state-funded primary schools, nurseries and special schools in designated educational areas. For the 2020-21 school year, SGS grants will be available in Wales in Bridgend and Neath Port Talbot only.

The SGS is non-competitive: funding is set aside so that there is enough for every school in these areas to get the full amount. There is a Main Grant for "full" Primary Schools* and ASN Schools of £500 per year towards a science project. Examples of what the SGS will fund are: Science resources,Science weeks, Scientific visits including trips out of, or visits to, the school,Purchase of science equipment, Improving the school's grounds for science, Gardening resources (maximum grant of £350), Science subscriptions.  Details of our simple application process are here.

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