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DVLA Coding for Success event

DVLA codingDVLA STEM Ambassadors facilitated a superb event at the Richard Ley Development Centre Swansea on Tuesday 12 May. The DVLA’s IT department has a strong STEM Ambassador expertise which has spearheaded the establishment and facilitation of Code Clubs at primary schools in Swansea.

STEM Ambassadors Mark Jones, Karen Stephens, Meirion Steele, Andrew Phillips, Viv Richards and Huw Williams have led the pupil groups as IT programme mentors, introducing KS2 pupils to coding skills and use of current IT technology in gaming.

The success was celebrated in a day of presentations and interactive demonstrations from the school clubs. The event was attended by representatives from business and industry (including BT) council leaders, governors and teachers from local schools.

Craig Thomas, Regional Officer for Code Club and Sian Ashton for See Science presented awards, while lead host STEM Ambassador Mark Jones spoke about the dedication and hard work that his team had delivered to support the Code Club initiative. Pupils taking part in the Code Clubs were rewarded by the DVLA with bespoke tee shirts (as worn by Ysgol Gynradd Tycroes in this photo).

Plans are in place to expand and build on the success of this initiative.

Maths counts at Marlborough School Art Week

Pi networkOn Tuesday 19 May STEM Ambassador Dr Claudia Medrano visited Marlborough Primary School in Cardiff as part of the Arts Week. Claudia has a PhD in Mathematics and is a Maths Tutor.

Pi networkThis may seem a strange intervention for a STEM Ambassador, but there are many aspects of the Arts world that can be related to Maths: perspective, shape, ratio (Vitruvian Man!) to name a few. Claudia and the teacher devised a super session where the children took part of the decimal expansion of Pi and drew colourful networks from it.

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Evaluation Findings – STEMNET’s Operations and Impacts 2011-2015

STEMNET logoThe NFER (National Foundation for Educational Research) conducted the research with stakeholders, including:

Here are some of the Key Findings from the evaluation.

Young People

“Speaking to STEM Ambassadors, seeing what careers they have and what apprenticeships you might take and what careers you could take after that it’s really opened my interest for it. It’s shown me how interesting it would be if I took a STEM career. Having these subjects means you get a better career.” (Pupil)


STEM Ambassador requests

Interested in asking a STEM Ambassador to visit your school? You can make your request here or contact See Science directly at ambassadors@see-science.co.uk.

STEM Opportunities for teachers: TIPS

Bringing the world of industry into the classroom

STEM opportunitiesOver the next 10 years, the UK requires over 87,000 new engineers and technicians every year…

“Change the way we think, change the way the work, change the way we do things… to be involved in something like that is pretty fantastic.” Leigh Carnes, Operations Director, Manufacturing Technology Centre

TIPS (Teacher Industrial Partners’ Scheme)

The TIPS scheme enables teachers of science design and technology, computing and maths to attend a two-week placement with a local employer. TIPS connects teachers with companies so that they can expand their knowledge of engineering and technology careers and then bring this to the classroom.

So how can you get involved in this scheme? Find out more here about how you can be part of this opportunity.

Back to topSteve the Weather at Llandogo Primary

Steve Hoselitz delivered a stunning workshop on weather systems at Llandogo Primary in Powys, demonstrating some amazing activities that he has developed: The Cloud Wheel; Water Cycle; DIY Wind Vane and Weather Time. Steve made such an impact that he has visited Raglan and Crickhowell primary schools with the same workshop.

Mark Watson, Science Coordinator at Llandogo, said: “I am writing to thank you for helping me get in touch with Mr Hoselitz one of your STEM Ambassadors. He has just finished visiting our school, helping us run a very exciting day about ‘weather’. Mr Hoselitz was a pleasure to have in the school and it was wonderful having his support and enthusiasm for the subject. All the children had a wonderful day.”

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