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Jaguar Cars Maths in Motion

Jaguar Maths in MotionThis Challenge, which is for students aged 9 to 16, has been running in schools for 10 years and is probably the biggest schools’ maths challenge in the UK, with an estimated 150,000 students taking part each year.

The project is software based and relies on students, working together in small teams, applying a range of maths, engineering and science skills to set up a ‘virtual’ Grand Prix racing car – STEM by any other name! This car then competes in a race with ‘cars’ set up by their colleagues. Using actual circuit diagrams (this is definitely not a game!); they will need to calculate/measure the lengths of straights and angles of the bends to help them determine their race speeds for each feature.

Just for good measure, throw into the mix work involving aerodynamics, gears, suspension and engine tuning, and then use of the following, and you will have one very exciting project on your hands – and you don’t have to know anything at all about cars.

Students involved in the challenge are eligible for the CREST Bronze Award. This means that provided you register your students with your CREST Local Coordinator,, at the beginning of the project, and your students complete a CREST Bronze profile form throughout the challenge collating their worksheets and calculations, their hard work can be recognised with the CREST Awards.

If you would like to know how your school can join in the challenge you can contact Cerian Angharad at

ARKive educational resources

Some of the resources are accredited by the British Science Association as CREST Star Investigators activities. More information here.

Practical Action – Wind Power Challenge

logoSuitable for KS2-4, this renewable energy challenge puts students’ competitive spirits to the test.
Students are given minimal materials and asked to design a wind powered machine that can lift a weighted cup off the floor. Teachers instruction sheets, related video clips and even certificates are provided.

This activity is accredited by the British Science Association as suitable to count towards a CREST Star Investigators SuperStar award. More information about the scheme here.

Google Science Fair

The Google Science Fair 2013 will launch on 30th January. 13 to 18-year-olds can enter their CREST projects online for a chance to win trips to America & CERN. Google has a site of information for educators and those who talk to them, including a link to sign up for news of the launch:

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